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5 Hygienic Practices You Should Consider As A Man

A man looking at his sweaty underarm | BrainStuff

Hygiene is much more than rinsing your mouth with mouth wash and wearing perfume, it requires the dedication of your time and effort. Also, paying attention to all parts of your body. Bad hygiene affects your health and gives negative permission about your personality. Maintaining good hygiene is easy as long as you are dedicated and take the necessary or essential steps.

Below are steps to achieve desirable hygiene that you will love and improve your health: 


As a man, you should practice changing your underwear daily and any time you take your bath, so you can prevent infection, irritation, and odour that might arise. Often you might notice you have rashes down there and it itches, it is as a result of not changing your underwear daily.


Bath Regularly:

To avoid body odour, you have to consider adding bathing regularly to your hygiene routine. Don’t restrict yourself to one-time bathing schedule but you can cultivate the habit of bathing two times- in the morning and at night. If you engage in any sweaty cleanup and exercise endeavour to bathe immediately, so dirty won’t be stored in your body that will cause body odour.

Keep Your Private Part Clean:  

Trim your pubic hair before bathing, don’t save the hair since you are not planning on plaiting it and also ensure it is clean. Exhibit the ability to wash after using the toilet to avoid infection, irritation, and smell. After washing it ensure you dry it off, so your underwear won’t be wet.

Limit Your Usage Of Cologne: 

Avoid spraying too much cologne on your body because too much can cause body odour and choke you or someone who inhales the sense. You can apply little on your wrist and neck for fragrance.

Clip Your Nails:

What attract a potential mate are your clean and groomed nails. If your nails are too long cut it. Also, make sure your nails are clean always for those who don’t like short nails.



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