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6 Things To Never Say To Slim People

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Skinny shaming is the same as fat-shaming, both are not acceptable. There are cases where people have committed suicide when they could not deal with how they were body shamed. It is important to be careful about the comments you make to skinny people. Below are some things to never say to a skinny person:

Eat More

How do you know they are not eating? comments like this make skinny people feel inadequate and reduces self-esteem. It is better if you keep the advice. Stop asking if they are eating enough unless you have it in mind to pay them to eat, maybe.


Real women have curves

Does that mean slim ladies are not real women? This kind of comment should be avoided, it is demeaning and can push people to take medicines just to boost their health.

Are you sick?

It becomes worrisome when being asked about their health too often just because they are slim; they get to worry about their health even when there is no need to. Avoid asking if a slim person is sick just because they are skinny or going to the length of telling them they look anorexic.

Where does the food go

Skinny girls are human beings like you so I can bet the food go to the same place yours go. Unless you know something others do not know about the digestive system that you would like to share.

Why are you working out?

It is okay to know people work out to keep healthy and skinny people, just like every human, also work out to keep healthy. It is unnecessary to ask them again why they want to be healthy just because they are skinny.

Just manage

It is not okay to ask slim people to be the one to manage in the car all the time, especially in a public space. They have the right to be comfortable in a car seat just like you. Stop saying “you are slim, just manage”.

Watch what you say to people, it could affect them mentally.



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