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How To Accessorise Your Dressing With Earrings And Necklaces

According to Robert Lee Morris: “clothes without accessories is like sex without orgasm”. Women are sophisticated beings when it comes to fashion and they are most times particular about their looks.

Accessories give more taste, preference and style when combined with your dressing. They work together in harmony, speak louder and express your personality.

One thing that is noticeable about a fashionable woman is not just her dressing but the accessories which compliments her outfit.

Below are different ways of styling your dress with accessories:


Large earrings: It suits both your casual and formal outfit. It draws attention to your face and makes it sparkle.

Diamond stud earrings: It is not just for special occasions but any occasion. It completes your pretty looks and makes you stand out when styled with a casual and formal outfit.


Stud earrings: They are popular earrings among most women because of its stylish and simple look. If you desire a simple look, stud earrings is suitable for that.

Hoop earrings: It is mostly favoured by women who want a different look because of its flexible design. You can style it with your casual wears.

Chandelier earrings: People mistake chandelier with drops earrings but they are not the same. They are complex design, with multi-layered decorative pieces and an interweaving of multiple precious stones, sometimes with feathers. If the outfit you are wearing is not colourful, it can be matched with chandelier earrings

Cuff earrings: It is used by many women because of its unique design and it compliments their outfits. It covers the majority of the ear from the earlobe to the top and runs up the edge of the ear. You can wear it with your formal wear or dress it down with your casual jeans or T-shirt and you don’t necessarily need a piercing.

Collar Necklace photo flipkart


Long necklace: These are the trending ones; it makes you look leaner and taller due to the long vertical lines. When you use two long necklaces, you can look messy, instead of two long necklaces, make use of one. You can style it with casual wear like pants, high cut shirt, high collar, high-low silhouette, shorts, sleek tank or blouse.

Collar necklace: It is best known as crew necklace and it is 12-13 inches long, usually made up of three or more strands of pearls and Kundan-it is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewelry involving a gem set with a gold foil between the stones and its mount. This necklace encircles your neck right at the collar area. You can style it with turtlenecks, V-neck or off-the- shoulder outfit.

Rope chain: It is a small chain, linked with a pattern of rope which is a metal chain. It can be worn with or without a pendant.


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