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5 Minutes with George Sketch

George E. George popularly known by his social media handles @GeorgeSketch is a young artist who expresses himself through his works. You might be familiar with his detailed and unique projects on your Twitter timeline or by the fact that Adidas and Coca- Cola have commended the works of this artist.

It is a clear sign that hard work and consistency are virtues of any industry and George Sketch is looking to becoming a household name in the nearest future.

George Sketch

Hello George, introduce yourself.

My name is George E. George. Final year Electrical Engineering student in the University of Uyo. I live in Akwa Ibom state.


What inspires your art?

Well I’ll say it is a need to express myself. Art is the only medium through which I get to pass a message exactly the way I want. Before I start any job, I already have a picture in my mind showing how I want the end product to look like, and what effect I want it to have on the viewers. And I work towards that. I am also motivated by the positive responses my art gets. So the need to share my gift with everyone pushes me every time.

George Sketch

Can you describe your technique?

Original. That’s how I’d describe it. I didn’t study art formally. It is something I’ve always done.

But when I started making proper pieces newly, I was just following the picture in my mind and making my own rules. Of course over the years I’ve studied several artists and learned from them. But there is still that originality in my work that is exclusive to my art alone.

How does it feel to be recognized by Adidas and Coca Cola?

Oh it feels very good. My art gets noticed by local and international brands a lot, especially online, and I’m grateful for that. Its great knowing that all the work isn’t going unnoticed. Hopefully the relationships will get better and that influences business.

Who are your role models in the art industry?

I have a lot of role models I can’t possibly say them all. There are so many gifted artists in the world. When I was just getting into 3D art I loved Ramon Bruin, & I still do. There are several Nigerian artists creating everyday out here and I’m actually a big fan of them all.

George Sketch

What are your long term goals as an artist?

I would like to be able to use my knowledge of art & engineering to do something different in design.  I would like to go beyond the imaginary boundaries that the public puts on artists sometimes and create something different. And I would like to do something that will create impact & help make the world a better place.

What are your hopes for the art industry in Nigeria?

I know there are so many gifted artists in Nigeria and I hope that someday together we all can make the art business a strong one that will generate revenue for the country. I also would love all divisions of the art industry to get the equal attention they deserve. We have amazing people that are into Comics and Abstracts but they aren’t getting enough positivity. So they slow down. I hope everything gets better for everyone.

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George Sketch
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