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5 Minutes With Ineze Anni

Look to the future, the future is technology and Ineze Anni has created a ripple on the eCommerce platform world. Ineze is not only a woman in business, she has also fused her love for fashion and her expertise in technology to create just what the average person on the road needs to revamp their wardrobe.

Tell us about yourself and background.

My name is Ineze Anni. Trained ICT Lawyer during the day and entrepreneurial guru during the day as well.

How did you start Buymylux?

I thought about ways that I could use the ICTs available to us today as a tool for socio-economic development, innovation and job creation, at least in my own little way. And amongst other ideas, the luxury resale came to mind. After much research, it seemed achievable so I began the process of building the service. I chose the idea behind Buymylux because luxury resale is an untapped market in Nigeria; we in Nigeria are fashionable people and lovers of high-end fashion. I know what it feels like to not be able to afford particular items or trends due to its seasonal demand, the high rate of foreign exchange and such other factors. Hence the creation of a platform for people, especially us women, to buy and/or sell off luxury items.

What excites you the most about your job?  

For me, the mix of all that I am engaged with is really exciting. Having to juggle many tasks. It’s never a total balance. As an entrepreneur my work can be quite overwhelming and my day job suffers a bit, some other times it’s the other way around but I still manage to pull through, as I constantly learn to prioritise every task required of me.

What other areas of your career are you looking to explore

I guess time will tell but for now, I am focused on Policy and Regulation of the ICTs, precisely telecommunications in Nigeria, it is very complex and requires as much attention.

You seem to be very accomplished, tell us about the high points of your career?

Thank you, you are to kind with words. Being offered a position at the International Telecommunication Union ITU, a specialised agency of the United Nations UN to be a legal cybersecurity analyst, right after obtaining my LLM degree was definitely a defining moment in my career, working in an organisation of that magnitude gave me the boost a young professional craves to forge ahead.

Tell us more about Buymylux is Nigeria’s 1st luxury fashion resale website. It’s the easiest way to sell luxury fashion items; Buymylux eases the long process of selling off your luxury items. We’ve created THE e-hub for letting go of luxury clogging up your closet for the right price! With the harsh reality of the economy it is not a bad idea to let go of your excess items or items no longer in use and you can channel the funds elsewhere.

How has this platform been received into the ecommerce market?

The response to our service has been humbling so far. Not that we didn’t expect the service to thrive, but it’s been only 6 months since its inception and it has already gained reasonable traction. We are very pleased and say a big thank you to all our clients, both buyers and sellers of items on our platform. Apparently a lot of people have been waiting for a service such as ours.

What does it mean to be a woman in Business?

It’s an amazing experience learning the dynamics of business in the country. Nigeria is definitely a unique market and the opportunities here are limitless irrespective of gender. The prospects for women in business are not limited at all; therefore everybody should be encouraged to be the best they can be whether in business or as a professional. This doesn’t mean there are not numerous challenges but with focus and trust in God, you can surmount it all. “There is no force equal to that of a determined woman”.


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