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5 Minutes With Papa Oyeyemi

Papa Oyeyemi is the founder of Maxivive, a Nigerian alternative menswear brand. It is a budding one to look out for. In this interview we shed more light on the man behind the brand.

Briefly introduce yourself and your brand

My name is Papa Oyeyemi, and I’m a child and family psychologist. Fashion design for me is innate. I created Maxivive, my fashion brand, at the age of 15 from nothing to where it is now. Maxivive has garnered its recognition in the Nigerian fashion market as a very innovative, edgy, storytelling brand.

What’s the inspiration behind your aesthetic and general design process?

I draw inspiration from a wide spectrum of ideas. From every single thing on planet earth to space and beyond. Each inspiration determines a different design or thought process but all in all returns me to an end point which is my product “Design”. From initialization to conceptualization to sketching of my designs which might be followed or preceded (as the case may be) with production/sourcing of fabrics to pattern drafting to choice of trimming….. The list is endless.

You showcased at the recent South Africa Men’s Week and exhibited at International Fashion Showcase, tell us about the experience. What did you take out of it and how’s implementation going so far?

I had amazing times at both events. It was such an adventure and an expository movement with a whole lot of stress and smile to end the trip. So far, I have been experimenting on my new knowledge, the result will determine how useful those adventures are. But all thanks to Lagos fashion and design week and British council for the opportunity to showcase at the international fashion showcase, London Fashion Week 2016.

Papa Oyeyemi (1)

I happen to know that you have a diffusion line, shed some light on that?

Mxvv, as my diffusion line is called, is a sport luxe extension of Maxivive. Mxvv was created to fix our lack of indigenous sport brand in this market. And it’s been doing just that.

You are the first Nigerian designer I know who designed a dry and rainy collection, what was the general response to that collection?

The responses are great. I mean, for people to copy within the shortest time, its means it is a success. I’m glad I started that.

The Nigerian fashion industry is quite a saturated one. How have you been able to set your brand apart?

I will like to say that, Maxivive is on a league of its own. There’s no other brand doing what we are doing in this market. We are doing amazingly well on that line.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a designer in the Nigerian fashion industry and how have you been able to overcome them?

To be honest, I’ve personally faced a million and one challenges to get to where I am today. It took me 9 years to get here. I mean is it the national challenges or the societal challenges or Nepotism in fashion? But having a focus and never giving up has been my tiny little weapons.

What should we expect from you in your next collection?

Clothes… Lol.

Words you live by.

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