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Joro Olumofin, the Love Doctor

Ever heard about Joro the love doctor? Well, many recognise him as a 21st-century love guru who has built quite a presence on social media. Also known as Adejoro Olumofin, he became popular for his interactive approach to controversial topics on Instagram.

The love doctor, who has 211,000 followers, obtained a BSc and MSc in psychology from the University of Lagos and is currently completing a Ph.D. His topics range from cheating partners to women with imaginary fiancés!

Joro reveals that he receives about 800 emails weekly, most of which start with “Hi Joro” followed by his readers asking for advice. He talks passionately about being a “listening ear” as he sets out to help people with their daily love struggles.

Guardian Life caught up with Joro who talks about his life as a love doctor.

Describe what being a love doctor is all about?
Being the love doctor for me is about bringing people together, sharing real life experiences and proffering possible solutions to daily issues, building relationships, creating an atmosphere for people to meet both friends and possible love interests.

What was your motivation behind your brand as a love doctor?
The motivation behind my brand as a love doctor is to help people with general life issues. Basically, help people become real lovers. Make them believe in true love again. A lot of people are suffering and there’s no one to listen. Sometimes the therapy needed is just an audience to listen to you. My brand provides that listening ear, solutions and shoulder to cry on for people.

How did you start your identity in the industry?
I started by writing articles and talking about issues that nobody wanted to talk about. Controversial topics. I was criticised a lot for most of the things I wrote. For example, women keeping fit and reducing their pot bellies so they can find suitors, men giving their wives their ATM cards, side-chicks taking over marriages. People were furious but later came to a consensus regarding these tough topics and this led to people sending emails to share their experiences. The brand became very interactive.

What’s the most interesting or most unforgettable story you’ve heard so far?
The most interesting story I have read on my platform is about a lady who didn’t have a boyfriend but spent over N500,000 on wedding plans and made family and friends fly into the country for a wedding with an imaginary groom. She basically planned her wedding without having a boyfriend.

What’s the goal with your Instagram page, do you really set out to help people?
Social media is the most powerful means and tools for reaching out to people today. A lot of people don’t watch TV anymore or read the newspapers; everything is now on social media. My platform being on social media is reaching out to thousands of people especially the youths. I receive about 800 emails a week, it takes a lot of my time but I’m happy doing it because I’m helping people.

Where do you see your brand in the future?
I see my brand and platform being one of the biggest or the biggest relationship blog in Africa. I believe this will happen because people feel at home on my platform.

Did you face any challenges?
There were some challenges starting these brands, but most of them circled around people being scared to open up to me and share their issues. But now that’s all gone.

Tell us about any exciting project?
Hmmm. I launched a beard and hair care product, one of many ventures to follow. I’m directing two short films to be released in 2017. I’ve always had a thing for movies. I see myself turning some of the stories on my blog to movies so people can learn.

Interesting fact about yourself concerning your work?
Love doctor helps people find love every day but is still looking for love. The irony of life!

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