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Media IT-Woman – Linda Ikeji

Last year, I won’t have considered the option of writing an article on one of the biggest names in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji at the time was just a blogger to me, the standard for blogging in Nigeria, she still is and I did not understand the personality behind the name so I did not understand the brand. It took extensive research to be able to understand the household name that is Linda Ikeji. Inasmuch as this set the ball in motion, this is not why we are here.

We are here to cast our light on probably one of the most controversial and influential women in the history of Nigeria. I remember the first time I found Linda’s blog, it was during the Occupy Nigeria movement in 2012 and I became obsessed with her blog. Fast forward four years later, Linda Ikeji is a media entrepreneur who runs Linda Ikeji Media which hosts Linda Ikeji TV, Linda Ikeji Radio, Linda Ikeji Studios, Linda Ikeji Music and of course Linda Ikeji Blog, the recent additions to her media house would be launched on November 1st, 2016.

The 36-year-old wonder woman created and is living her dream and amidst all the controversies. She can confidently say she is self-made. This journey has aided her pet project ‘I’d Rather Be Self Made’ which helps young women with business ideas by sponsoring their business ideas and playing the role of a mentor to these women. This pet project was birthed from her personal experience climbing up the ladder as a female entrepreneur.

Most times we only hear about the stories she tells about other people via her blog but we rarely know the story about the lady at the back end. Before we knew the name Linda Ikeji as a blogger, she was a professional model and when she came off the modeling age she dabbled in a lot of small businesses which never kicked off the ground but those minor hiccups did not deter her. Starting a blog in 2006, Linda had no clue she would be living the dream life which she is living today. Her blog did not hit the limelight till 2011 and, with her constant effort Linda has managed to stay at the top of the Nigerian ‘blogsphere’.

You can say her hard work has paid off: she has been recognized by platforms such as CNN African Voices and Forbes for her outstanding work in the digital sector and her net worth speaks for itself.

In all this, Linda is not your average socialite. She leads a very quiet and peaceful life and when she isn’t writing for her audience which she has amassed over the years, she is thinking and executing new ways of taking over the digital space.

Linda is the IT-Woman for media, she has tested the waters and she is currently on her way to dominating it. I am proud to be in a generation that has produced the woman that is Linda Ikeji. It took a lot to understand the personality of a woman who wields the kind of power she wields, I have a new found respect for Linda and only time would tell what she would do next.

No matter what it is, it would be done with the passion, hard work and dedication that has brought her this far.

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