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Peniel the Exceptional Illustrator

Peniel  Enchill

Peniel Enchill

Ghanaian born and English raised, Peniel Enchill’s illustrations are one of a kind. You might have seen them all over the internet and particularly on the cover of Arese Ugwu’s novel, Smart Money Woman.

Called Penie by most, she credits her current profession to the advent of social media. As most people are not familiar with the rare profession of fashion illustration in Africa, as a child, she would imagine her path as a fashion designer.  According to Penie “I realised I had more of thrill for the art of fashion as opposed to the creation of it”.


Like most Artists, Penie continuously gains inspiration from her personal life as well as social issues in her environment. Although the illustration industry in Africa is quite new, it is easy to observe the level of passion involved in an intricate Peniel illustration.  Her pieces are able to stand out on a global and international light, as it is extremely rare to find illustrations adorning particularly women of colour.


Growing up in the British background, she explains the idea of not being exposed to positive image of black women. Penie has adapted this element as the most powerful aspect of her art, an ideal that most young black girls can relate to internationally.


A client who insisted paying for one of her pieces propelled Penie’s career path. She explains, “The first time I ever charged for a commission was £15…the point is that I placed value on my craft. I don’t think she realized that she taught me a vital life principle.”


Since then, she has recently taken her brand to a whole new level as she officially launched her company which specialises in paper products and gifting including phone cases, greeting cards and calendars. Peniel’s products are a beautiful combination of her BA in Business management and MSC in international fashion retail.

peniel enchill

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