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Pitching with Grace Alex

The Nigerian blog-sphere has evolved over time and has become majorly populated by youngsters trying to leave their footprints in the sands of time. Grace Alex is one of those names that has popped on our radar as we keep up with these youngsters. She is not just a blogger but also a fashion entrepreneur; she is the Editor of, Founder of Gafa Footwear and Gafa Clothing. Looking into all the brands that embody the personality that is Grace, we find out that she has taken her passion and has created fruitful ventures that surround it.

Grace Alex

Speaking on her fashion sense, her style can best be described as classy, youthful and vibrant. Her style being one of her major selling points can be envisaged better via her Instagram page, although she shares day-to-day style, DIY’s, beauty hacks and other happenings on her blog and social media platforms. The endearing thing about Grace’s style is how she takes the girl-next-door look to another level with just a piece of clothing, makeup or the background used for the image.

Moving to her fashion brand – Gafa Footwear is unisex handmade footwear with a variety of interesting designs. I believe this says a lot about Grace in the sense that she maintains quality in all things. Trust me, with the retail situation in Nigeria this is quite hard to boast of, but Gafa Footwear has joined the few fashion outfits to put out quality made-in-Nigeria products.  Most recent of her ventures is Gafa Clothing where she sells some of her outfits for less.

This might just seem like a normal phase for the average Nigerian trying to find her way in society but it isn’t. So, what is so special about Grace Alex you might ask?

Grace Alex

Maybe it is in her quest to create a brand that is bigger than just being a stylish persona. Maybe it lies in the subtle way she passes the message of hard work and perseverance. For me, it is the thought that a young Nigerian is putting into the world what she can boldly represent. It is the steady climb of the brand that fascinates me and also the personality behind the brand.

I personally stumbled upon Grace Alex’s page and I have observed her growth not just as Essence’s 25 Fashion-Forward African Women You Should Be Following but also as a lady who is worth her salt and coming into her own, without the fear of expressing herself.

She is a combination of brains, beauty and style. I am definitely looking forward to what venture Grace would unveil in the nearest future. On a fashion end, I am looking forward to her wardrobe selection for the upcoming Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016. If it stands for anything, I am rooting for Grace as she gradually paves her way to the top of the Nigerian fashion chain.


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