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Young Creative | Yvonne Itua: Naija Vegan Chef

In last week’s print, we talked about a thriving vegan restaurant in Lagos. This week, we are looking at a young vegan living in the city – Yvonne Itua.  Yvonne Itua is a health and and nutrition enthusiast who actuallly makes most of her food herelf at home. Her blog and social media share her exploration of all the different ways one can live a healthy, vegan lifestyle in Nigeria.

As we all know, a good number of Nigerians just can not imagine food without meat, or “obstacles” as a friend likes to call it. So, a living vegan is something we don’t really see ourselves doing. I mean, how can you possibly eat jollof without chicken or beef or something?  This questions and many more are answered through Itua’s blog. Imagine my suprise when I found out you can make meat-free meat pies,

Yvonne Itua - vegan meat-free meat pie recipe

<a href="" target="_blank">Recipe</a>

What I think makes Yyvonne Iitua so creative is the fact that she finds a way to make the things she already loves to eat in a way that supports the lifestyle she has chosen to live. On her blog, you will find recipes for things like cookies, chocolate cake, pies, and pancakes in addition to your usual spaghetti, beans, and rice recipes. The mark of a true creative, I believe, is making your work appealing to others without compromising your standards. This young woman does just that.

Not only is Yvonne sustaining her lifestyle with her creativity, she is also providing imprtant information fr people who wish to explore a vegan lifestyle as well. As we saw in the afore mentioned print article, there is actually a market for this information in Nigeria – and Lagos more specifically. People can consult her site for recipes on great vegan food they can prepare at home and enjoy when they don’t feel like going out to buy food.

You can see more great recipes from Yvonne Itua by visiting the Naija Vegan Chef Website.


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