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Stay At Home Beauty Tips You Never Knew You Needed

With the whole world isolating and Nigeria not being left out, most parts of our lives have to be on hold.

However, being stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to put everything on hold; in fact, this is the time to stick religiously to your skincare regimen and beauty tips. You have to be looking your best when you finally get to go out again.

Take advantage of the time you have at home to care for yourself and skin now more than ever. Here are 8 stay-at-home beauty tips you never knew you needed:

Spending more time with nowhere to go can come with the temptation to skip baths. However, the importance of cleanliness cannot be overemphasized in this pandemic and not just for protecting yourself from COVID-19 but also for caring for your skin.
Now is the time to take the long baths you might not have had time for in the past and pull out those bath bombs and soaps you never got to use.

Man in shower. Photo: Best Life

Staying at home doesn’t mean neglecting your nails; instead, this is the best time to be your own manicurist and care for your cuticles like no one else would. The effects of regularly using alcohol sanitizers and constant washing start to tell on the hands after a while.

This is why it is essential to keep your hands hydrated and spend more time pampering them. You might not have all you need for a perfect manicure, but colourful nail polishes are the way to go. Start your week by giving your nails a French manicure and finish up with a little colour to brighten up your fingers.

Manicure. Photo tumblr

Spa dates are cancelled, but sheet masks aren’t. While staying at home, you should also give yourself the facials your face so regularly needs. It is also a great way to relax after hours of staring at your phone or computer screen.
If you worry you might run out of sheet masks, you can be more creative and come some at home with ingredients that can be found in your kitchen.

Meditation is good for both the body and soul and since you have to stay at home while not spend time meditating?. Try to meditate a few minutes every morning and just before you go to bed to reduce your stress and anxiety, increasing your inner and outer beauty.
There’s no better way to stay relaxed than taking some time off and finding moments of peace.


If there was anything makeup-related you wanted to learn, this is the best time to pull out your makeup bag and brushes. Take advantage of your free time to watch makeup tutorials and learn new beauty tricks which would make doing your makeup easier.
Practice makes perfect, and there is no better time to practice than when you have to spend more time at home. This would help you perfect your makeup skills and make dressing up a lot easier when you finally get to go out.

While staying at home, you can also give your hair the much-needed break and care it deserves. Since you have nowhere to go, you can let your hair down to its full glory and spend more time washing and caring for it.
Keep your hair hydrated and stick to protective hairstyles which are no doubt guaranteed to increase your hair growth.

Healthy hair. Photo Hairlovetoknow

Sunscreen is essential whether you’re at home or taking a walk down the road. You can’t run from UV rays, but you can stay protected from them.
Remember to wear sunscreen even while you’re stuck at home.

Being stuck at home with very little to do provides ample opportunity for you to get the most out of your skincare regimen by sticking religiously to it. These tips would help you with getting the most out of your beauty routine during this lockdown.

Sunscreen. Photo Healthline

While you might be tempted to lounge around in your PJs and nightie, DON’T. Instead spend more time dressing up in comfortable lounge clothes for when you have to watch TV or read a book.
You still have to look pretty while staying at home.


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