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Still Wondering Where To Travel This Summer?

The fluctuations in currency exchange between Nigeria and other countries make travel to these destinations expensive; despite this, destinations like London, Dubai, South Africa and New York are popular. If you’re are looking to travel internationally but do not know where to begin, we are always more than happy to assist you. According to ticket bookings, visitor numbers and other data collected, these are the top 4 destinations which are favourites among Nigerian travellers and they continue to grow in popularity. These destinations will not only be novel for most travellers, they are also quite pocket-friendly.


London: Nigerians have their favourite destination, which undoubtedly is London and that doesn’t seem to change every year. London is a destination most Nigerian travellers visit mostly, especially for a vacation trip. London is a destination most Nigerian travellers visit mostly, for any vacation trip and the city itself is a popular attraction for families and couples; it is also a hub for travellers heading to other destinations outside the United Kingdom. Apart from hosting an array of sporting events every now and then, London offers visitors the best big city experiences.


Johannesburg‘s warm weather has probably led many Nigerians to visit the destinations. It is in South Africa, and Nigerians often flock there from time to time for one reason or the other.


Dubai, like London, is naturally ever-popular among Nigerians as it is easy for them to get visas to this destination. This city is in the United Arab Emirates and continues to lure Nigerian travellers with its promise of luxury, glamourous attractions and first-class restaurants. The weather there is also very warm. Dubai has also become a tourist haven for Nigerian celebrities, as some of them have made this city their wedding venue and honeymoon destination.

New York

New York. While destinations like New York is popular, a number of people appear to have been booking flights to Houston and Atlanta. Other top choices include Abu Dhabi, France, China and Istanbul.

*The ranking was based on Travelstart booking report from January 2013 to April 2014 for travel from Nigeria.

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