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3 Ways to Style Your Cardigans

Cardigans are one of those vital elements of our wardrobes that we all need and love, yet are underestimated. Because this wardrobe essential has been saving lives in more ways than one, we will be looking at 3 amazing ways to style your cardigan for occasions and seasons.

Cardigan - Casual2Casual

Being able to easily throw on a cardigan without thinking too much about what to wear out makes this one of my favorite reasons for owning a cardigan. They can also serve as your lightweight jacket if the need ever arises.

Cardigan - Semi FormalSemi-Formal

This look is somewhere between casual and very dressed up. You can keep it simple with a white shirt, chinos or dress pants, a tie [straight or bowtie] and a pair of solid shoes. If you’re headed to a less formal gathering, you can opt to do away with the tie. That being said, it’s a great look for a gathering where a blazer and tie look would be too formal, but jeans and a tee isn’t formal enough.

Cardigan - Third partyLayer It

A great way to wear your cardigan is to layer it by giving a three-piece effect. This can easily be achieved when worn over a crisp white button down shirt and tie and under a blazer. This look is perfect for the office as you can take your blazer off and still look smart for the day. While at this you can mix and match colors and patterns.

extra tips

  • Get the buttons right:The bottom button should ALWAYS be unbuttoned. What you do with the rest of the buttons is totally up to you.
  • Fit: It’s all about fit. Because you’ll be wearing something underneath, your cardigan should be snug but not tight and the waist hem should cover your belt.
  • Cuff or no cuff? When wearing a shirt under a cardigan, you don’t have to show cuff like you do with a sweater. If you’re wearing it under a blazer, it’s fine to show off the cuff of both your shirt and cardigan.
  • Color choice depends on what you already own:A cardigan in a solid color (dark gray, navy, military green, etc.) is always your best bet.
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