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Appearance Matters: The Importance of Being Fashionable

Perhaps you’ve heard at least one of the following: “Appearances are irrelevant” “Who cares about Fashion? It’s overrated” “I don’t think being fashionable is important at all.” All of these statements ignore the fact that people have, and will continue to judge you by your appearances. Who are we kidding? The reality is; first impressions matter more than we realize. Within the first few seconds of meeting people, we make decisions about them and the same thing happens when people see us. This means before you even open your mouth, you’ve been sized up and profiled. Knowing this, one should always endeavor to be well dressed. A nice outfit not only makes you look good, but it also impacts your self-esteem and confidence positively. Based on this, it’s safe to say fashion plays an important psychological role in our lives too.

Clothes are really the first thing that visually differentiates one person from the other. Without this freedom, life would be one continuous, boring routine. Donatella Versace describes fashion as “dreaming,” she says fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream. At first glance this definition doesn’t seem to make much sense but if you take a second to think about it, dreams define people and make us unique, and this is also the case for fashion. Fashion gives identity to people as they will always dress in a way that fully matches their personality. Imagine a world where everybody dressed the exact same way. Wouldn’t that be mind-numbing, colorless and monotonous?

Fashion is both an art and a lifestyle. Designers such as Giorgio Armani, Mario Prada, Ralph Lauren, Sergio Rossi, and Tom Ford are all artists who give vision to the world and impact the society by dictating the new trends. They enrich people through fashion and give them something they can identify with. People take fashion beyond the runaway and make it a form of self-expression, and, to some extent, a reflection of history, society, art and individualism. Truth is, no matter how much it gets downplayed, the importance of fashion cannot be overstated.

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