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Dress Shirt Tips and Tricks Guys Should Know

Hi guys, so here a few dress shirt tricks and tips to keep you looking sharp at all times without having to worry too much.

Go Grey

Have you ever noticed that when you wear a white shirt with a white undershirt it shows? To solve the problem, wear a grey shirt underneath your white dress shirt.

Straighten Your Collar

If you didn’t already know this, the slits on the under the collar of your white dress shirt are for collar stays. They’re pointed pieces of plastic or metal used to keep the collar straight at all times.

Cut a New Collar

For every item of clothing, there’s a lifespan. Sometimes you know it’s time to let go when the collar begins to wear out, but if you’re like me who attaches sentimental value to certain clothing items, you can easily cut off the collar.

Get Rid of Ink Stains

Don’t worry about ink stains when they happen, as they’re mostly always inevitable. Mix some alcohol and vinegar solution, dab the shirt in some of the solution and leave for about five minutes. Be sure to cover the stain with the solution and then cover the area with salt. Leave for another five minutes before washing. Make sure to rinse with hot water too.

Straighten Your Shirt without an Iron

To do this, boil some water in a metal pot, pour out the water and use the bottom of the pot to smoothen the shirt. Be sure to check that the bottom of the pot is clean. You can also boil water in a kettle and hold your shirt about above the steam to get rid of any creases.

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