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Fab Style Tips For Plus Size Women

The fashion industry worldwide is beginning to get a lot more inclusive and this inclusivity has catered for a lot of people who were otherwise overlooked during production of outfits by fashion brands for whatever reason.

Plus size women were perhaps the most marginalized group but thanks to online clamor for change and the spread of awareness through mediums like social media, things are shifting and this past season marked the most size diverse fashion week in history, as there were more stylish options than ever for full-figured ladies, ranging from indie brands like “Girl With Curves” to commercial chains like Mango and H&M.
Here are some style tips to keep you glowing like the big beautiful woman you are;

1. Shop In The Right Size: Granted, sometimes it can be difficult to find clothes that perfectly fit but that should not be an excuse to wear the wrong size because doing so would draw unnecessary attention to you and even cause insensitive people to spew fat jokes at you. Shopping in the right size doesn’t mean buying oversized clothes because you have a big build, it simply means buying outfits that compliment your figure and fit you properly.

Plus Size Model in properly fitting Two Piece, Photo. The Fashion Spot

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Show A Little Skin: When pulling off a look to an event or even just a casual function, there’s nothing wrong with showing a little skin. A lot of plus size ladies tend to hide their bodies for fear of drawing too much attention or because they are not entirely comfortable with their bodies but this shouldn’t be a hinderance to your slay because in the words of Nelson Mandela, “It is your obligation to shine” so you owe it to yourself to look your best regardless of whatever anyone might feel.

Katelyn Sade in a white crop top paired with velvet bottoms, Photo. Instagram

3. Wear Outfits That Highlight Your Curves: If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Dressing up in sexy outfits that accentuate your curves are highly advised because they make you look all the more alluring and truly give you that sensual BBW figure. In addition, making you look oh so good, they will have you looking even hotter in pictures and turning necks wherever you go.

Plus Size Lady Wearing Outfit That Showoff her curves, Photo. Twitter

4. Sometimes Opt For Bespoke Over Readymade Outfits: Opting for tailored outfits over readymade is a great idea because you get to dictate how your outfit comes out and with the help of a good tailor, you could recreate any look you want and get your perfect fit.
You can equally get endless style inspiration from magazines and then proceed to select whatever looks you feel would work best for you.

Princess Adefolami wearing a custom red dress with frill design, Photo. Instagram

5. Go For Clothes That Flatter Your Specific Shape: when shopping for new clothes it is important to note that not all curvy girls are the same. Maybe you’re a triangle or an hourglass, a diamond or an oval, a figure eight or inverted triangle. Whatever your shape, you need to consider what would work best for you.

Plus size body shape illustration, Photo. Pintrest

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