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Five Stylish Gift Ideas For Mothers

Another Mother’s Day is rolling by and, with it, all the angst and anxiety that comes with the season. Mothers, after all, are priceless and the mother in your life is probably completely done with the conventional flowers and roses. Time to ditch all your ideas and turn to presents that are fun, fashionable and functional.


Expectant Mothers

Expectant mums generally have the best and the worst of times. If you can overlook all the bloating, cravings and the surprise baby showers that have her sniffling into the only good dress in her wardrobe that kind of fits, pregnancy can be a real drag. So give your expectant mommy a present that harkens to a future with a new addition to her family. Nothing says classic like handmade knitwear for the newborn. The KnitEngineer, a bespoke label in Nigeria, is a good place to start.

Newborn Mommy. Photo credit: TheKnitEngineer

Toddler Mommy

We’re not even going to talk about that gloriously terrible period between the zeros and twos when all your clothes have to be guerrilla ready and stain resistant. Every mum craves finally reaching the late stages of toddlerhood when mumbled tantrums develop into coherent sentences and mommy can finally wear high heels again. Celebrate this liberation with a gorgeous pair of Gbemisoke shoes.

Toddler Mommy. Gbemisoke Shoes. Photo credit: Tope Horpload

Teen Mommy

Teenagers are the worst, and every mother of a rebellious teenage girl knows this better than most. Your wardrobe isn’t yours anymore, neither is your makeup, jewellery or clothes. Not to mention the stress of always having to assert your authority and have it trampled over by your rampaging adolescent. On the plus side, they can finally clean up after themselves and your evenings just went from booked to always available. Help your teen mommy make the most of this new lease on date night by getting her an Ejiro Amos Tafiri Celine Lily Wrap twist.

Teenager Mommy. Photo credit: Ejiro Amos Tafiri


Mommy with “Empty Nest Syndrome”

Isn’t life cruel, you spend 21 years of your life trying to get your child to socialise and when you finally want them to yourself, they fly from the nest to find themselves. Now is not the time to mope; it’s time to finally invest in that piece of luxury furniture at Alara Lagos you’ve always been eyeing, but have never trusted your children enough to risk buying.

Empty Nest Mommy. Photo credit: Alara Lagos

Septuagenarian Mommy

By the time you start getting married and bringing children of your own into the world, your mother has finally found herself and embraced her new life as a yummy grandmummy. Let her keep her pension and gratuities and splurge on her as she fills her days with owambe after owambe. There is no better way for your mommy to celebrate her retirement than in her finest finery. And what is more elegant than a Deola Sagoe attire?

Septuagenarian Mommy. Photo credit: Deola Sagoe

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