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Four Tips For A Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Getting that perfect winged eyeliner ‘that is so sharp it can cut someone’ can be quite challenging for some and a talent for others. The way you apply your winged eyeliner also depends on the shape of your eyes.

Winged eyeliner. Photo: Maha Maven

However, there are some tricks that can help you on your journey to perfecting your winged eyeliner.

Here are a few:

1. Use a pencil liner as a guide for tricky liquid liners
If you are using a liquid eyeliner, you can start off with a pencil eyeliner, which you can easily adjust or rub off. Then trace over the line you have drawn with liquid eyeliner.

2. Use tape to outline your eye

Tape method. Photo: YouTube/Abby October

You can simply place tape over your eye and pull off after you have applied your eyeliner. This will help ensure that the end of your eyeliner is as straight and as pointy as you want. Magic tape is the easiest to use, and take care when pulling off the tape.

3. Use the edges and curves of a spoon to master the perfect winged eyeliner.

Spoon method. Photo: Pinterest

Use the handle of a spoon to draw the angle line and the curve to create the shape you want, then fill it in.

4. Use a skin-coloured liner or concealer to fix mistakes
Instead of wiping off your eye makeup and starting over, you can simply draw over the mistakes with concealer or a liner the colour of your skin.

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