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High End vs. Low End Makeup Review by Dodos

Ladies, we all know the cost of dollar now is quite high.As much a we’d like to continue indulging in those really high-end makeup products we love, we might have to find a cheaper alternative sometimes.

While some people believe cost is directly proportional to quality, I don’t agree. There are some makeup products that are low-end, but are still very high quality. Yes, the more expensive ones tend to have a certain luxurious feel, but they both end up looking the same in most instances.

Beauty blogger Dodos has made things a little easier by doing a video makeup review of high and low end products simultaneously. She uses the high end products on one half of her face, and the low end products on the other. I believe this is a better akeup review so you can actually see the products at work righ next to each other, instead of in different videos.

Watch the makeup review by Dodos

Personally, I don’t see the difference on either side. Can you?

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