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How To Fold And Wear Men’s Pocket Squares

Pocket squares can seem like more hassle than they’re worth with the endless folds, fabrics and patterns to choose from. We’ll eliminate that hassle for you, bringing you the best pocket square folds and exactly how to wear them.

A well-placed pocket square can do a lot more than you think. Not only does it add just the right amount of flair to an outfit but it can also reveal a little bit about your personality too. There’s no reason to stick to the basics either, and you can get experimental with this little piece of fabric, changing up the colours, folds and materials to create a unique look that’s personal to you.

With the formal look gathering slow but steady popularity around the world, there’s no reason you can’t incorporate the pocket square into everyday life, rather than saving it for the weddings and christenings. With so many looks to choose from, you can create classic or contemporary looks with just a simple fold.

4 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Pocket Square

It gives you an edge over the average Joe: No one likes to stick out like a sore thumb but if you’re reading this, chances are you don’t want to look average either. Adding a pocket square is a subtle way to make you stand out in the sartorial sea.

It reveals your attention to detail: Someone who considers the details rises in the style ranks. Other sharp-eyed people will be impressed, be they stylish women or smart men.It adds colour and personality to your outfit: A suit can go from good to great with the right colour pocket square. It can provide a contrast or complement to other colours. You can also show a bit of personality through the fold you choose.

A classic fold in white linen can show you mean business, whereas a puff fold in a patterned fabric can express eccentricity.It makes an outfit more formal. Aside from the obvious benefits of this, a pocket square can add enough formality to an outfit that you don’t need to wear a suffocating tie. Bonus.

Pocket Square

Here are Three simple yet unique ways to fold your pocket squares:

The Presidential Fold

This is the easiest and quickest way to fold a pocket square. Classic, simple and smart, this fold is great for formal occasions. Typically done in white linen or silk.

  1. Lay the pocket square flat
  2. Fold in half from left to right
  3. Fold the bottom up
  4. Flip over and position inside your pocket keeping around ½ an inch visible

The Crown or Three Peak Fold

The crown fold is more prominent than the two-point fold. It firmly represents the mark of a stylish man. This is where you go from beginner to skilful. Again, these precise folds work best in cotton or linen.

  1. Lay the pocket square flat with a corner facing you
  2. Fold in half from the bottom but don’t align the tips
  3. Fold the left corner diagonally up to create the third tip
  4. Fold the right corner in
  5. Flip over and position inside your pocket

Three Stairs Fold

The three stairs fold might take a bit of practice but the results are worth it. This style is clean-cut but still, makes an impact with its intricate folds. It’s a great way to show off some personality at a formal or business occasion. This fold works best in cotton or linen.

  • Lay the pocket square flat with a corner facing you and fold in half from bottom corner to top corner
  • Fold the top corner of the first layer down so that the point sits past the base
  • Then fold the point back up so that the point sits just past the newly created fold
  • Once again, take the point and fold it down so that the point sits past the base
  • Fold back up so that the point sits past the latest fold
  • At this point, you may want to gently press the folds in place with an iron on low heat
  • Carefully fold the right side behind the left side keeping the folds on the outside
  • Take the bottom right corner and rotate the pocket square 90 degrees so that this corner is now at the top and fold the left side in
  • To finish, fold the right side in, making a square base
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