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Lash Up Season

How To Choose the perfect Lashes to match your eye shape / desired makeup Look

 It safe to say it can get a bit overwhelming when it comes to picking the right style of lashes to suit your eye shape and then going on to decide which lashes look best with the look you have in mind. First things first, what are all the different types and what are they for?

  • Individual Lashes   
  • Half Strip
  • Full Strip Lashes


Individual Lashes: These are perfect for a more natural look because you can add them where you want/need more coverage.

 Kiss I.ENVYkiss

Half Lashes: These are great for giving a nice winged Cat eye or eye lifting effect and can be applied in a matter of seconds and would highly recommend these to anyone who is looking to start out wearing Lashes. Alternatively you could always cut any old lashes you have lying around and simply apply to the outer corner of the eye

Ardell 318 Lash 

Starter Strip Lashes : This is for my ladies who have upgraded from the Half lash and want to Experiment with the Full strip , My personal rule of thumb for first-time wearers or  the more conservative ladies: Look for a pair that’s the same length as your own lashes. It will enhance your own once applied, but that way most people won’t even notice you have them on. These are a personal favourite for an everyday look they tend to feel more comfortable on a day to day basis because they use a softer band that won’t poke at the eyelids.

Ardell Natural Lashes Demi Wispieslashes

3D Mink Strip Lashes:  This one is for my advanced Ladies, who are already confident with wearing lashes You can get these in a variety of different styles for a fuller, natural and/or dramatic look . The less expensive brands on the market last only about a day, but if you invest a good brand who can provide you with authentic Mink hair you can re-use the strips up to 10 times with adequate care these are of a much purer quality and give a more realistic look to your lashes . They’re great for people who don’t have thick or long lashes.”

@BelleLuxeLashes “Diva” (Instagram)

Dramatic Lashes: These are an ideal pair to go with your signature Smokey eye ad the dark eye shadow look on the lid hides the lashes , the longer the lashes the more definition will be seen on the eyes

Hooded Lids :If this is your eye shape then these are the lash style best suited for you , ones that taper from short to long, with the shorter part being on the inner corner of the eyes. The create a cat eye effect which compliment your eye shape .lashes
@BelleLuxLashes “Instigator”

Round Eye Effect: If you’re looking to round out your eyes, “use strips that start shorter and end shorter, with longer and denser lashes in the centre.

Last but Not the least …can you ever re-wear falsies? Yes, absolutely. Gently remove them and rub off any remaining adhesive (without messing up the false lash hairs). Once that’s done that store them in a safe place and use them as many times as you can.

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  • Chioma Adaobi Oti

    Wow… interesting. I used to use the individual lashes to fill out mine. I have some myself. Gives a very natural look once you have the right length and the adhesive is not messy or showing.

  • Danwake Master

    This was really helpful! I have always struggled to get the right lashes. Thanks you xx