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Tricks for Getting Through Fashion Week In Lagos

October is the global equivalent of a new year for fashion lovers. Already we’ve seen great fashion come out of the international fashion week and have been excited to see what our favourite designers from our favourite fashion capitals had in store for us. Even more, Guardian Life cannot wait to see what our homegrown designers offer for the new fashion season at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week happening next week and the Guaranty Trust Bank Fashion Weekend sometime in November.

For the newbies for whom this is their very first fashion season, here are few tricks to make the best of the festivities.

Come early, leave late
Unless you’re a socialite who is trying to dodge Lagos traffic, you should avoid being ‘fashionably late’ at all costs. Much of what happens in Lagos’ fashion weeks happens before the doors open and the runway shows begin. So come a few hours early to beat the traffic that will inevitably happen and use that time to get your tickets and passes, change into your outfit for the day (everyone loves a good reveal) and network. Coming early also ensures you get to enjoy the best of our next trick.

Lagos Fashion and Design Week


Street style is the best style
Unless you’re a socialite, an influencer or have a wad of cash, the official fashion photographers for LFDW will not give you a glance. However pay that no mind, because the real event is happening right on the grounds before the show begins. The international press often arrives hours early to photograph street style before the shows begin and if your outfit is especially spiffy, stylish and unconventional, you could end up on @LagosStreetStyle’s blog or better on Vogue US’or CNN Style’s digital platforms. So dress your best and don’t be afraid to heckle the photographers for a shot. It just might be your big break.

Network like your life depends on it!
Fashion week is the largest confluence of all the people who matter and will matter in the fashion industry, and whether you are just an enthusiast trying to break into the industry, a veteran looking for a boost or just a casual observer, use the rare opportunity of being in the same space as senior writers for Vogue and Wall Street Journal to network. You never know who you’ll end up making an impression on, and where that will take you.

GTBank Fashion Weekend

Set the trends, don’t ape them
It might be tempting to throw on a cold shoulder dress just because they’ve been everywhere this last year, but that’s not the point of fashion week or the way to get noticed. Fashion week is the place to take your personal style and your individual fashion quirks and exaggerate them. Those oversized pants you’ve been dying to wear and haven’t found the right occasion; break them out. Who knows, next season it might be your style that we see designers reinterpreting on the runway.

It’s a tradeshow
You might not know this, but many of your favourite fashion brands are often at fashion week, even when they aren’t showing, and they always bring goodies in the form of discounts and promotions. Come to fashion week with your wallet and leave with a good bargain. Even better, you’ll get to meet your favourite Nigerian designers and fanboy/fangirl. Win-win all around!

FROW is overrated. The real deal happens backstage.

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