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Sulaimon Farouq: A Youngster With Gifted Hands

Sulaimon Farouq is a young hyperrealistic artist whose artworks and creativity are fast gaining ground in the world of Artistry.

At a tender age of 8, the youngster works of art have proven to be a masterpiece, gaining the attention of the UNICEF.


Presently enrolled at Ayowole Academy of Arts (the academy that discovered 11-year-old Waris Kareem), Sulaimon is fast becoming a master in the work of arts.

The young artist speaks to The Guardian Life about his life story and aspirations growing in the world of Art.

Tell us about your family background

My name is Sulaimon Farouq, I am 8 years old, I am in basic 3, and the third child of my parents. I was born at Oyo state. In 2006, my parent brought I and my siblings to Lagos because they needed to make more money to feed us. My mum is a hairdresser while my dad is a transport worker, he drives a public bus.

What do you love about art?

I love art because it makes me happy. Also, I use it to tell stories about myself and others.

At what age did your love for art surface?

I started drawing at 3 years old, then I use to compete with my brother Usman and my neighbours but now they can’t stand me because I am now a student at Ayowole Academy of Arts.

Are your parents in support of your love for drawing?

My parents support my love for drawing especially my mother. Whenever I get home and I tell her about the works I make at the art academy, her response is always “growth is a gradual process” and “if I keep working and being calm at it, I will be a good artist one day.” Also, my dad appreciates my artworks and usually makes a few corrections to my drawings.

What images do you love to draw?

I love drawing realism images, still-life, and life drawings. I also find joy in upcycling papers to create amazing artwork.

How much time does it take you to draw an image?

It takes me 2 weeks to complete a realism work but if it’s still or life drawing, I can use like 5hours or 2days if I want it to make it more realistic.

Is there a background story to all of your artwork?

My artworks talk about me and my environment. I created an artwork during the lockdown about how it affected me so my works usually pass a message to people.

As a young artist, does your age put a limit on creating art?

My age doesn’t limit me to create art because the kind of art I do is soft and doesn’t require much strength. Also at my tender age, I have time to create more artworks.

What style of drawing and tools do you make use of to create your artwork?

I do realism artwork. Most times I use charcoal pencil, graphite pencils, and paper.

Which artist do you look up to?

My role model is Kareem Waris Olamilekan (Waspa Art). He is my senior at Ayowole Academy of Arts.

Do you see artistry as a job or just a hobby for you?

Art is my hobby but now I have people asking if they can buy my artworks on Instagram so Arts is becoming a job while I am still young.

Do you think art is important to society?

Yes, art is important to society because that is the only way children can express themselves.

What do you hope to be in the future?

I hope to become a professional artist and, I wish to be a master in sculpting in the future.

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