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Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Leave Your Relationship In 2017

Relationships have a tremendous effect on a person’s life. No one goes into a relationship expecting to be broken and disoriented.

As people are different, so is their emotional ability to handle relationship breakdown. Before things get way out of hand than it already is, you honestly need to ask yourself if you are experiencing any of the following and leave for your sanity’s sake

Constant Criticism
If he constantly bashes you, telling you are no good, you need to leave. Putting your self-worth at the mercy of someone is not worth it. The worst part is, it affects your thought pattern. Soon, all the things you thought and was certain you could do, you won’t have the courage to because you have believed what you have constantly heard. You will never grow more than you are if you continue to stay. A lot of people never recover from this so seek help while you can.

<em>Lady Confronted With Criticism. Photo credit: AFP/GETTY</em>

Dry Emotional Tank
If you are giving emotionally, mentally or financially and nothing is being returned, your emotional tank will soon dry out and there will be nothing left leaving you other than an empty, bitter and disheveled person. Healthy relationships are not lopsided. If you feel your emotional tank is about to get empty, leave.

There are a few things worse than nagging. Even the Holy Bible says so. Anyone who nags will always find something to complain about no matter how much try to please. Amusingly, a person who nags is, most of the time, unaware that she is nags. Nagging is a two-way thing. You could be the problem so before you leave, ask yourself, what are the particular things I do that constantly causes my partner to nag? If you can’t find any, it’s time to take a bow just because you cannot afford to allow your peace of mind threatened.

A Nagging Lady. Photo credit: Mis-Education Of The Negro

Going Over Board To Please
This is common among people in their 20s-early 30s. Someone that loves you is likely to encourage you to invest rather than spend on material things that won’t appreciate or would you rather end up broke?

You Feel Stifled
Overprotection is not love. A relationship is a place where you are allowed to be yourself. If you feel you are drowning every second, it’s time to take your coat and doff your hat.

Never Accepts Responsibility
Stop making excuses. If your partner cannot take responsibility, you shouldn’t take it up. Only Jesus Christ, the reason for the season, was allowed to take up responsibility for everyone’s actions and die for it. You aren’t him, leave.

You are afraid of conflict
As the saying goes, “if you avoid conflict to keep the peace, you start a war within yourself”. If you cannot be open to your partner and reach a compromise when necessary, you should leave.

Domestic Violence
No, it’s not discipline. It is not love either. Don’t allow yourself to be an experiment for anger management unless you are a wrestler (which by the way, is professionally stage-managed).


Lady Suffering From Domestic Violence. Photo credit: Canadian Jewish News

People are experts at playing the blame game and often accuse their partner of being responsible for the failure of the relationship. Take a close look at the mirror and ask yourself some genuine questions. Don’t worry, the mirror won’t tell another your secret.

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