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The Art Of Jewellery Wearing For Men

Ric Hassani – PHOTO: Twitter

Across several cultures and age groups, women have been the most consistent when it comes to adorning jewellery. However, for some men, jewellery starts and ends with the wristwatch.

A stylish man knows that his look and personality is enhanced by the right piece of jewellery.

For the sake of this guide, Jewellery includes all add-on accessories after your outfit: watches, bracelets, rings, tie bars, necklaces, cufflinks, and earrings. 


Igee Okafor. PHOTO: TheNetNG

Wear With Confidence

A man who is confident in himself and in his wears is the archetype of a stylish man. Some men don’t put on jewellery because they not sure how it would look on them. You start with something as simple as a bracelet.

Denola Grey. PHOTO: Twitter

Less Is Better

You don’t need to put on every piece of jewellery you have to look stylish. The goal is to look stylish not blind your admirers with all that bling. Moreover, over-accessorising comes off as ostentatious, distracting, and can look unprofessional. One necklace is enough, you’re not 2 Chainz.

Match Your Metal

One key to mastering the art of wearing jewellery is to match your metals.  This is key to mastering a put-together look. Your gold watch should match the colour of your ring, the embellishments on your shoes, and the shade of your belt buckle. 

Adekunle Gold. PHOTO: Culture Custodian

Does It Match Your Skin Tone?

Not all pieces of jewellery would look good on you. Certain metals or gemstones look better against different skin tones. Note that your skin colour is not the same as your skin tone. Look at your skin in natural light and find a spot wear veins are noticeable.

Match warm undertones with warmer colours like red, orange, coral, and gold. Match the cooler undertones with silver, blue, and green.


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