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The Scariest Role Of Parenthood: Sex Education

Parents teaching their children sex education. Photo The Pen Blog

Parenthood is a path taken by some. As kids we dream of the days when we would be our own bosses, calling the shots however it pleases us. Oh! how we so yearned for childhood to fast forward so we could be “Big.”

In this era, no doubt, parenthood of the 21st century is outer space looking back to when we were groomed. Presently, there is a lot to contend with. Adults and parents walk in the same path as those before them.

As this journey to parenthood unravels with unpredictable encounters, the once naïve young mind is thus enlightened, making the appreciation for our parents and guardians stronger and more meaningful than ever.

There is no hard or fast rule to life same as when it comes to bringing up children. Parenthood is a ride everyone who becomes a parent takes, not knowing how smooth or catastrophic the ride might be. Self-help books are there to guide but might not work hook line sinker for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Part of the challenges of the 21st century for parents is the internet and technological advancement which has added to the bucket list of worries parents have to undergo.

This has made parents supercharged, too protective and sometimes paranoid. And you can’t blame them: There are offerings on the internet that expose children to things not fitting such as sex sites. 18+ rated content, and there is the fear of having children being preyed on by looming opportunists… the list is endless.

Being a parent is not everything but having a child changes your perspective in all you do. Perhaps that is why parents subconsciously become blueprints, signposts and an example on how to live for their kids.

Sex education. Photo Parents Magazine Africa

The hardest part might seem like when you are running after kids high on sugar, but is it really the hardest? Or the teenage years that defines who and what your child becomes? You are petrified of the next mistake the child might make. Perhaps the days of running around might not be bad after all when you can storm your feet and ensure your instructions are adhered to.

Another topic that parents over the years have not gotten around to discussing and educating their children about is Sex. It definitely is one of the awkward moments during a chat between parents and their children, but a most needed and valued one. It helps with creating the right understanding of what it is rather than being misguided from porn sites and wrong influence from friends and other underlying factors. Consider that a proper occasional talk will save you from parents’ nightmares when a child comes home with “I am pregnant” or “I got someone pregnant.”

The topic “sex” has parents walking on eggshells, not wanting to put up stringent rules of engagement for fear of them doing the opposite, while still not wanting to be understood as lenient regarding sex, so they do not think it is alright to indulge in it what so ever way it pleases them. Hence, parents are left in a dilemma of how to g about it the right way.

The cry of a newborn in a home is a moment cherished by firstly the parents then others when done right. Perfection is farfetched so we can never be too perfect but as a parent one has to give their all rather than nothing at all. However, it is a daunting task that those who have chosen the mantle of parenthood have to brace themselves to deal with.

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