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“This is Nigeria”- A Review of Nigeria’s 19th Democracy Anniversary

Nigerian rapper, FalzTheBahdGuy released a track titled This Is Nigeria after Donald Glover’s This is America. For the first time since Fela, Idris Abdulkareem and Tuface’s arrest saga, a musician takes the courage to speak about the ills of the nation which ranks as 148th position out of 180 in Transparency International corruption index.

In commemoration of Democracy Day, we have written a remix of the song

*Instrumentals play in the background*

Background: Extremely poor. And the medical facilities are poor. We operate a predatory neo-colonial capitalist system which is founded on fraud and exploitation and therefore you are bound to have corruption institutionalists Many criminal cases are settled in Police station.
*Instrumentals play in the background*

All: “eh” (x8) Ewo



“This is Nigeria, look how we living now, look how we living now, everybody be criminal”

“This is Nigeria look how we living now, look what we eating now, everybody be criminal”.

This is Nigeria, people without jobs who tarnish the image of Nigeria have iPhone X, ride Mercedes Benz, look at whose watch is original and fight the noble.

This is Nigeria, her people are poor, the nation is set to outdo India as having the poorest people.

This is Nigeria where those in power take the masses as fools and bribe them with slippers, N2000, brooms and umbrellas.

This is Nigeria where billions of Naira are stolen by snakes, fish and baboons in the country.


Resources are shared among 55 families and they visit their churches, mosques, grant interviews and say it is the “Lord’s doing”.

This is Nigeria where Evans is celebrated as a don, is given publicity and having stalled judgment.

This is Nigeria, the nation ranks high as the third bribe-taking country in Africa and believes, “stealing is not corruption”.

“This is Nigeria, never-ending recession o where looters are killers and killers are still contesting elections o”

“This is Nigeria, police closes by six… security reason o”

All: Baba Ese o Baba Ese o Baba awa dupe baba

This is Nigeria, where a governor commissions a transformer to shame a senator who presented a generator to a community in his constituency; where wheelbarrows, slippers and gallons are shared as empowerment projects to the masses who voted them in; where the amount to cut grasses are put at N200 million o.

This is Nigeria where entertainment bothers people more than what is happening in the economy and the abduction of children in the schools o.

This is Nigeria where the roads are littered yet social media influencers lay on the road to take pictures with their magic phones just to earn their pay.

All: Whoop whoop

Background: I want you to put up your hands right now because your miracle is coming this week. If you believe your miracle is coming this week, let me hear you say a big AMEN!

This is Nigeria, National Economic and Growth recovery plans are put on the back burner because their government did not introduce it.

This is Nigeria, SARS stop you on the road because you have dreads and are using a phone o. Phones are checked to see if you join the #EndSARS campaign and connections can take you anywhere.

This is Nigeria, government destroys the image of the past government and still commissions its projects o; where pump price is increased and subsidy tales are filled with lies and counter-lies.

This is Nigeria where people are massacred and others are told to endure because they are their brothers; where the government is confused about information dissemination and senators are exchanging blows in the National Assembly o.

People are doing multiple jobs and the pressy says they are lazy o, where the health sector is plagued with strikes but he travels for medical care abroad because there is no paracetamol or cotton wool in the N3.8 billion clinic.

This is Nigeria where elections are do-or-die if not “by the grace of God, the dog and baboon would all be soaked in blood”, where secessionist groups are called terrorists and herdsmen are called brothers.

This is Nigeria where soldiers are called away from their points two hours before Boko Haram strikes, where the presidency pays lip-service to healthcare policies but is more concerned about the head surgery of the son of the first family and welcome him with a billboard.

Yahoo Yahoo is everywhere, people are losing their lives because of their debt loss and they said it is so cool, you are helping someone out of poverty, where money is found in buildings, they remain unclaimed.

This is Nigeria where the head of an institution does not know the difference between transmission and transfusion. And that’s a confusion!

Background: But what happens every day is that the system has allowed it. For instance, there is no law that allows you to take money from the church, invest in business and privatise it. No, it is only in Nigeria where you take money from the church, money contributed by poor congregation members and use it to set up a university that the children of the poor cannot attend. “It is against the law of the rule of God, it is against the constitution.”

This is Nigeria’s democracy at 19!

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