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Three Miscommunications That Ruin Relationships For Women

Relationships are not always rosy. There are times when simple conversations could lead to disagreements that threaten the foundation of the relationship. While it is quite known that men and women psychology are different, there are times when the communication is misplaced and reactions are unanticipated.

There are many beliefs that are held by women and can be damaging to the relationship. Why? Because beliefs go a long way in influencing the decisions that we make and our reactions.

Here are some beliefs that might be erroneous:

Silent Treatment

Women love to give men the silent treatment to show their displeasure but when he does same, we feel hurt. The truth is, more often than not, his quietness means he needs to make big decisions.


This does not mean that there are commitment phobic men who just want the sex. You have probably fallen into their hands and that is why you think that all men are scared of commitment. Yet, you know men who are making their women happy. There are good men who are looking to commit and hope to live happily ever after. You just might be in the wrong circle.


A man has needs so does a woman. Women, naturally like to talk about everything including the annoying lady who wore the same shirt as hers at work on the same day. Because he loves her, he listens intently and asks questions. Due to this, it is easy to assume that he loves to listen and not talk. However, he might be yearning to talk about how his team won a match. So get him involved in the conversation, ask questions about their favourite sport, their project and watch him talk animatedly.

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