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Tips On How To Find The Perfect Foundation

The most important part of your makeup is your foundation. It is the base of every beauty look. Foundation is a skin-coloured makeup (liquid, crème or powder) applied to the face to create an even, uniform colour to the complexion. It is also used to covers flaws and, sometimes, changes the natural skin tone.

Finding your perfect foundation shade may be a bit tricky. This can be as a result of different undertones, several finishes and sometimes limited shade range. Here is a quick and simple guide to help you find your perfect foundation:

What kind of skin do you have?

Your skin type is the most important factor to consider when picking a new foundation. Do you have oily skin, dry or sensitive skin? Are you acne-prone with a lot of scars? Do you have redness or hyperpigmentation that you want to cover? Foundations come in different textures and finish that work for different skin types so you have to keep that in mind when shopping.

Here are the foundations for different skin types:
• Oily skin – matte foundation
• Dry skin – hydrating foundation
• Hyperpigmentation – full coverage foundation
• Clear skin – Light or medium coverage foundation

What is your skin’s undertone?

Your skin tone can change (when you tan or go to a cooler climate), but your undertone can not.
Skin undertones are divided into three categories – cool, warm, or neutral. In order for your makeup to blend with your skin, you need to pick a foundation that works with your undertone. The easiest way to check your undertone is to check the veins in your wrist or ankle.


Veins that look purplish or bluish state a cool undertone. Veins with a faint green colouring suggest a warm undertone. Veins with a mix of colours stated above suggest a neutral undertone.

How does it look on your skin in natural light?

When you’re at a store trying on different foundations, go outside to see how it looks in natural light (sunlight). Take several photos as well so you can see how the foundation photographs on your skin. Fluorescent lights at makeup stores may not paint the real picture of how your foundation looks. Don’t let mismatched foundation be your portion.

With the answers to these three simple questions, you’re well on your way to picking out the right foundation for your skin. In case you need some foundation recommendations, check out these ones:

• For oily skin looking for full coverage – MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid
• For oily skin looking for light/medium coverage – Clinique Even Better SPF Foundation
• For dry skin looking for light/medium coverage – The Ordinary Serum Foundation
• For dry skin looking for full coverage – Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation

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