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Top Five Places To Dine In Senegal

Senegal is an African country with a rich French colonial heritage and many natural attractions. Dakar, the cosmopolitan capital, is recognised for its nightlife, native mbalax music, esteemed African art and colonial architecture.

Dakar is filled with authentic restaurants that serve some of the richest cuisines in West Africa. The food is influenced by various cultures like the French, Portuguese and Arabs. Dakar is also known for its fresh seafood from the Atlantic.


When in Dakar, you should consider visiting these top five places:

Chez Loutcha

Maafe. Photo: Le Baobab Cuisine

Chez Loutcha serves the best Maafé (groundnut stew with beef or chicken). The menu here is made up of both Senegalese and Cape Verdean cuisines. It has the typical West African restaurant ambience with ceiling fans and close-knit tables. The prices of the food are reasonable and the portions are quite large.

Le Djembe

Popularly known for its Senegalese cuisine, Le Djembe is authentic and has an excellent customer service. Enjoy the sound of local music as you sip on a glass of Bissap or Zobo. The Thieboudienne, a traditional Senegalese dish made of rice, vegetables and fish, is a must-have.

Noflaye Beach

Noflaye. Photo: Lonely Planet

If you are looking for a restaurant setting with a nice island vibe, Noflaye Beach is the ideal place to experience this. Indulge in a variety of crepes and seafood close to the beach while enjoying the stunning view. It is also a good place to visit for evening drinks.

Hôtel Le Sokhamon

Sokhamon. Photo: Seikalittle

Enjoy the view of the ocean and sip on cocktails at Sokhamon Hotel. It has an open-air restaurant and serves a mixture of Moroccan and Senegalese dishes. Asides the food, one thing that makes this place nice is its architecture. The hotel is charming and artistic. You can take out time to explore the hotel while you await your meal. End your day with a view of the sunset and swim in the infinity pool!

Soumbedioune Market

Boats parked at the Soumbedioune fish market for the well deserved break on Sunday.<br />Playing with the settings…<br />Image was captured by a camera suspended by a kite line. Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)

Sombi. Photo: Yummy Medley

If you are looking for a local and authentic experience then you have to visit Soumbedioune and enjoy a variety of mouth-watering seafood! It is a night fish market where locals and tourists come to buy seafood. Sitting areas are available and are usually arranged right in front of vendors.

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