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10 Things NOT To Do In Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and it is a very historical city with nearly 3,000 years of globally influential art, architecture and culture on display. You would have the pleasure of seeing ancient ruins such as the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. Unforgettable is the Vatican City, headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.

Visiting Rome won’t be a bad idea and while you have heard of all the interesting things you can do in Rome, not withstanding there are things you should not do in Rome

Six Things NOT To Do In Rome;

Avoid tourist trap menus

Photo Credit: romestripofalifetime

Photo Credit: romestripofalifetime

One thing that we love about visiting other countries,is experiencing their culture. What better way to experience Rome than having good food? Avoid tourist trap menus or eating at a fast food, if you are hungry, avoid the Roman hot spots, such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and the Vatican. Avoid restaurants that cater only to tourists, instead get a recommendation from a local for the best place to dine within your budget.

Dress code for churches

Photo Credit: csillamker

Photo Credit: csillamker

Seeing as Rome is home to the Vatican city, there are a lot of churches, even if they’re not religiously relevant to you, architectural beauty and storied histories make them worth a stop. While you are taking in the scenery, avoid wearing outfits that would bar you from enjoying the sight. Baring your shoulders and wearing shorts are not allowed, best keep a big scarf or spare clothes in your backpack, so you can quickly wrap them around your shoulders or legs when visiting some buildings.

Appreciate the fountains

Photo Credit: italiannotes

Photo Credit: italiannotes

Visiting Rome, it is easy to spot coins in every fountain which is cute because coins go only into the Fontana di Trevi while you make a wish. Also fountains are not for washing your feet. We know your feet would be tired of walking on the hot sanpietrini, the typical Roman cobblestones but resist the urge to sit on the border of a fountain and dip your tired feet, as it is forbidden and locals find it disrespectful. You can use one of those small public drinking fountains called nasoni (big noses) instead.

Understand the city’s transportation network


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Don’t book your stay too far outside the city center because of cost. You would spend all that you didn’t want to on transportation cost getting into the city. Don’t rely on taxis to get where you need to go, you can actually walk to most of the city’s attractions because they are relatively close to each other. Traffic in the city is turbulent, so renting a car isn’t the best option. Also, the public transportation system can take you across the city easily.



Be security conscious 

As with every city with vices, you have to be extremely security conscious when in Rome. Do not keep any valuables in the most accessible pocket of your backpack. Keep you important documents in a different purse and check on them often. I-phones and MP3 players are now the most targeted and stolen items, so take good care of them.

Keep Rome Clean



Photo Credit: pcwallart

If you can’t find a bin near you, then keep that rubbish in a plastic bag or in your pockets until you find one. Rome is beautiful and visitors that aren’t bothered with keeping it clean leave things like food leftovers, cans, wrapping paper, and broken umbrellas in their trail. Do not spoil the sight for other tourists, okay?

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