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4 Festivals That Might Be Cool To Attend

Because there are so many tribes and cultures and people around the world, there is an abundance of fetivals. Many of these festivals are pretty popular, like Mardi Gras and New Yam Festival. On the other hand, there are some pretty weird, largely unknown festivals like La Tomatina in Valencia which is basically a tomato fighting festival.

Now, in as much as some festivals are weird, there are those that seem like they might be cool to attend – if only for the laughs.

4 Festivals I Think Will Be Cool

Boryeong Mud Festival

This is an annual festival which takes place during the summer in Boryeong, a town around 200 km south of Seoul, South Korea. During the festival, large attractions are set up in the seafront area of Daecheon. Among these attractions are a mud pool, mud slides, mud prison and mud skiing competitions. There’s also colored mud for body painting. A large stage is erected on the beach, which is used for live music, competitions and various other visual attractions. I just think it would be super fun to go and play in the mud for a couple of days without a care in the world; especially as the mud is said to be very therapeutic.

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Sapporo Snow Festival

This festival is held annually in Sapporo, Japan, over seven days in February. Every year, people gather at Sapporo to see the hundreds of snow statues and ice sculptures at the Odori Park and Susukino sites of the festivals in central Sapporo, and at the Satoland site. An International Snow Sculpture Contest has been held at the Odori Park site since 1974. I think ice sculpture is fascinating and would love to see all the amazing creativity up close.

Sapporo Snow Festival


Holi Festival in India

The Holi Festival is a Hindu spring festival in India and Nepal, also known as the festival of colours or the festival of sharing love. That said, you already know why I want to be there. Happy festivals are great festivals! The celebrations start on the night before Holi with a Holika bonfire where people come together for rituals in front of the bonfire, and pray for forgiveness and destruction of their internal evil. The next morning is Rangwali Holi which a free-for-all carnival of colours. There are all sorts of games and activities involving colours and I just know it would be awesome to be there.

Holi Festival

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Lantern Floating Festival in Hawaii

Every year on Memorial Day, residents of Hawaii and visitors gather at Ala Moana Beach Park to honor loved ones and generate hope toward the future. The Lantern Floating Festival serves as an avenue for people to offer prayers for people who have passed away for various reasons and to also pray for the future. I just want to go because I think it’s a beautiful idea and the sight of the lanterns of the water, carrying away all the prayers, would be amazing. It’s something I think I should experience at least once.

lantern floating festival

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