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7 Top Tourist Attractions In Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei (formally known as Taipei City) is the superior city and a territory of Taiwan. This city is located on the northern side of the state. It is around 25 kilometers (16 miles) southwestern of the northern geographic point city Keelung.

Taipei is the political and social location of Taiwan, and one of the real centers of the Chinese-talking planetary. Thought to be a global city, Taipei is a noteworthy advanced modern region with railways, highways, air terminals, and transport lines linking Taipei with other parts of the island. The city has two airplane terminals, Taipei Songshan and Taiwan Taoyuan.

History of Taipei:

The Taipei was colonised by the Ketagalan plains native Australians. After the Qing Dynasty allowed the development of the city in the mid-eighteenth century, the number of foreigners increased here day by day. In 1875, the northern part of the island was joined with the new Taipeh Prefecture.

The Qing dynasty of China made Taipei the impermanent capital of Fujian-Taiwan Province in 1886 when Taiwan was isolated from Fujian Province. Taipeh was formally established the administrative district capital in 1894. Founded in the eighteenth century by migrants from Fijian area on the China territory, Taipei started its advanced improvement simply after 1885, when it replaced Tainan as the capital of Taiwan Province. It kept on serving as a political focus and experienced significant augmentation and modernisation under Japanese manage (1895–1945).

Things to know about Taipei:

Currency: The authoritative monetary system of Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar or just the Taiwan dollar.

Geography of the city: Around 70% of the island is secured with rough and thick forested natural elevations. A gigantic 270 kilometers focal mountain run covers more than 66% of the island from north to south and incorporates

Yushan, the most noteworthy crest in East Asia at 3,952m, and more than 200 tops above 3,000m.

Nearby cities: In case you want to know about the nearby cities of the Taipei. Kaohsiung City (200 kilometers/125 miles) and Quanzhou city (280 kilometers/174 miles).

The Food: Food and restaurants in the city are not as modern as they should be but the food is very delicious and clean.

Public Transportation: Public Transportation is very efficient. You will not face any Problem for the transportation in Tapia.

Night Markets: Another beautiful thing about this beautiful Asian city is “Night Markets.” These Markets are the most fun part of the foreigner travelers. You can enjoy beautiful Taiwan Culture in these markets. And food is very special here.

Take an Umbrella with you:When you are visiting Tapia, the important thing you want to take with you is an Umbrella. Weather is usually sunny but insanely rainy. Rain is unpredictable.

Places to visit:

Following are few famous places of the Taipei which you should visit during your trip to this beautiful city.


If you ever visit China or Taiwan, you should spend few hours in this beautiful city. It is the federal city of Taiwan. It is a profitable advancing city and is now one of the leading cities of the world in some areas of electronics production and IT.

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