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Bali In Indonesia Is A Dream Destination To Visit


Talk about Instagram worthy, postcard worthy destinations and Bali is one of the top 10 locations on that list. Bali is an island and province in Indonesia; the province includes the island of Bali and other small neighbouring islands. The country has won several travel and tourism awards including the recent ‘World’s Top destination’ in the Traveller’s Choice Awards, which was given to them by TripAdvisor in March 2017. Bali has beautiful landscapes of hills, mountains, beautiful coastlines, beaches, large rice fields and volcanic hillsides.

Bali Themes

Tourism related businesses alone contribute an outstanding 80% to Bali’s economy. Elizabeth Gilbert’s book and movie Eat, Pray, Love was set in Bali and because of the success and popularity of the book and movie, a lot of tourists went in their droves to explore Bali.


Visa requirements

Pura Besakih temple Bali

To visit Bali, one is required to get an Indonesian visa. Indonesia works on a visa on arrival basis for many nationalities but not Nigeria. If you would like to visit, you have to apply for a tourist visa at the Indonesian embassy. To make sure that your application is given a consideration, make sure you have all the necessary documents and requirements including your flight, hotel and tour bookings.

Flights to Bali

kuta beach Bali

There are several airlines to go to Indonesia including KLM, Air France, Etihad, Qatar and more. However, most of them do not have direct flights there. They are usually flights that have about two or three stops before getting to Indonesia. After getting to Indonesia, one would have to take a connecting flight to the Island of Bali. This may seem stressful to most, but it will be worth it.


Bali Viceroy hotel

There are several types and styles of hotels or accommodation in Bali for those vacationing there and their prices vary according to your budget. Your choice of accommodation depends on the kind of experience you want, whether cultural and immersive or luxury. You can rely on Airbnb, or any other well-known and trusted booking platforms to book your accommodation.


Culture, language, and food

Bali rice field Ubud

The people of Bali are mostly of Hindu origin and they practice Hinduism; one can easily tell with the abundance of temples all around. Bali is also renowned for its diverse art forms such as painting, wood carving, handcrafts and performing arts. The people are very artistic and creative and their main form of income is through the arts; this has been sustainable for most of them because of the high influx of tourists. The language spoken in Bali is called Balinese and the people are also called Balinese, however since the country is Indonesia, they are Indonesian people. The cuisine in Bali is very distinctive and diverse, but some food that you should try when visiting are Babi Guling (roasted pig), Sambal goreng teri (fried anchovies), and Sate lilit (a satay of mince meats and coconut).

Tourist attractions

Described as one of Bali’s best resorts, Amankila, a secluded cliffside beach resort overlooking the Lombok Strait on the East Coast Of Bali

There are several places to see and enjoy in Bali; in fact, almost everywhere has been turned into a tourist attraction in some way with the abundance of resorts they have, however, some of the major attractions are Kuta beach, Ubud rain forest, Mount Batur which is an active volcano, Sanur beach, Sekumpul waterfalls, Sacred Monkey forest, Ujung water palace, Neka art museum and Bali botanic gardens, amongst many more.

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