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Discover Breathtaking Sightseeing Locations In Russia

Take a break from the noise, sweat and tension from the football games and explore Russia beyond the stadia.

True, the main aim of travelling to this beautiful country is to see the games,live. There are other activities to indulge in to relax and calm your nerves from the intensity of the games.
Seek the thrill of outdoor activities and discover destinations right there in Russia.


City of the dead

Dargavs also known as the City Of the dead lies in North Ossetia. It is an ancient city dating back to the Bronze Age. This city was founded around the 15th Century. Although it is deserted, not one person is found in it, it was the centre of Tagaurian society[sounds like something from the game of thrones]. This city has beautiful distinct architecture. Dargavs has 98 graveyards. There is a myth that whoever ventures into this city will not live to tell tales. It is quite a mystery.


Irkutsk is a beautiful city that looks like something from a storybook. It has a rich culture and beautiful land marks like theatres, churches, museums and has architectural wooden houses. This city is closest to Lake Baikal, the largest lake in the world.

Lena Pillars

Lena Pillars is on the banks of the Lena River in the Yakutia Khangalaasky Region, it is quite a captivating nature park in Russia. Lena Pillars consists several meters tall rocks stretching over 260 kilometers. It is around the village of Tit-Ary in Russia. Scientists believe that the pillars date more than 500 million years old ago. It is an captivating place to visit.

There are other awe-inspiring places to visit in Russia. Swap the fan jerseys for explorer hats and discover.

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