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Fancy A Nigerian Travel Bucket List?

A bucket list is defined as several experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. Literally, it means a list of things you want to do before you kick the proverbial bucket. Everyone has goals and things they aspire to and wish for, whether deliberately or inadvertently, written or unwritten. So, you see, everyone has a bucket list.

However, travel enthusiasts seem to have colonized this term nowadays, to the extent that a bucket list is mainly related to adventure and travel.  Well, travelling is a very essential part of our lives as it exposes us to knowledge, culture, people and great experiences, so we are totally fine with this.

Some of the most popular bucket list items you’ll see are sky-diving, skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, surfing, mountain climbing, bungee jumping and the like. These activities are not necessarily things you can do in Nigeria, so does this mean that there’s no hope for Nigerian travel enthusiasts? Well, there is hope. There are lots of bucket list worthy activities and places for travel enthusiasts in Nigeria. Here are a few:


Royal dreams at Kajuru Castle

Nigerian bucket list

Say What? A castle in Nigeria? Yes, you heard right.  A very beautiful castle resides in Kaduna called Kajuru castle. It was built by a German expatriate in 1978. This very beautiful castle is in an isolated area surrounded by mountains and inselbergs.  Have you ever had dreams of being royalty? Then you should totally put a visit to this breathtaking castle on your bucket list.


Longest canopy walk in Africa

Nigerian Bucket List

This one is for the adventure lovers out there. Imagine being on a suspended bridge with a height of 22.5 ft that gives you a bird’s eye view of the forest and some other parts of Lagos; It is a cross between fear and excitement. The canopy walk is located at the Lekki Conservation Center Lagos and should absolutely be on your list.


Cave dwelling at Ogbunike cave

Visiting a cave is one of the most thrilling and mysterious adventures, so Ogbunike cave should be on your list.


Waterfall chasing

This should be on your list. I mean, there are so many amazing waterfalls to see in Nigeria, from Erin Ijesha waterfalls in Osun, to Farin Ruwa falls in Nassarawa, Kwa falls in Cross River and many more, so you have no excuse.


Kayaking on the Lagoon

Nigerian bucket list

Nothing to do in Lagos

The fact that Lagos is surrounded by water makes it great for water sports and kayaking is just one of them. Simply Google ‘Kayak Lagos’ and add it to your list.


Games viewing at Yankari National Park

Nigerian bucket list

What’s not to love about seeing free range animals like warthogs, waterbucks, giraffes and elephants and taking a dip in the Wikki warm springs? Yankari should certainly be on your list.


Climbing Idanre Hills

Nigerian bucket list

Photo Credit: Bernard Kalu

660 steps to get to the scenic and historical Oke Idanre in Ondo state is totally worth it and should be on everyone’s list.


The Suspended lake on Ado-Awaye Mountain

There are only two suspended lakes in the world and one of them is here in Nigeria, in Ado-Awaye Oyo state. So why would you not visit?


Highest point in Nigeria Chappal Wadi

Want to be on top of the world? Well, start by being on top of Nigeria. The Chappal Wadi Mountain in Taraba stands at an intimidating height of 2,419 meters and it is the highest peak in Nigeria. You should visit.


Cable car riding through Obudu Mountain

Nigerian bucket list

Agreed, a visit to Obudu mountain resort is on almost everyone’s list because it is one of Nigeria’s best resorts. Just make sure you ride the cable car while there.



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