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3 Yoruba Native Caps You Should Know About

Caps photo

Fashion is constantly evolving, however, native caps are still the same as they were many years ago.

In Nigeria, traditional fashion styles are not complete without a matching cap. It is a unique part of the outfit that makes every man wearing native looks dashing.


In addition, Yoruba native caps are popularly known as ‘Fila’ which is the Yoruba name for the cap.

Yoruba caps are made of different types of material. They are mostly sewn or handwoven from Aso Oke fabric, velvet, cotton or damask. Yoruba caps are worn as head attire to complement native attires such as Agbada, different types of Ankara designs, etc.

The first important thing to note when using the native cap is that it must match other clothing you are putting on.

Also, wearing your cap to the right shows you are married, if left, it means you are single.

There are different types of Native caps:

Abeti Aja

Abeti Aja photo

This cap, Abeti Aja”,  means “like the ears of a dog”. This style of Yoruba cap looks like a triangle with two edges sticking out like the ears of a dog. This style is common among both young and old Yoruba men. Also, some traditional Yoruba drummers like to wear this style. You can wear this style of Yoruba cap and change the position of the edges: they can be pointed upwards, or a bit folded.

Gobi style

Kufi photo

In addition, this is the most common style of Yoruba cap these days. Before buying one, make sure that it fits your head properly. You can fold this any way you like. You can fold it on the right or on the left, a bit on the front part or a bit to the back.

Kufi Style

Kufi photo

Lastly,  Kufi style is very common among Yoruba Muslims and also royal people. It is usually worn on dashiki lace style.

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