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Unique Mother’s Day Traditions Around The World

Mother’s Day is a day set aside to celebrate mothers for all the love and sacrifices that they make for their children and families. Although there are a few days set apart for the celebration each year, all the countries in the world make it a priority to appreciate their mothers at least once in a year. Here are some of the weirdest Mother’s Day traditions around the world.



Lima Cemetary in Peru Photo credit_ TrekEarth

Peruvians take Mother’s Day celebrations seriously and have activities throughout the week leading up to the day. These activities include dinner parties, poetry reading and gifting mothers with flowers. The flower gifts are so important that flower sales in Peru usually increase at this time of the year. Also, Peruvian families gather at cemeteries on Mother’s Day as a part of the celebration. This is a way of paying homage to mothers who are no longer in this world through flower tributes and prayers.


The Yugoslavian Mother’s Day Ritual Photo credit_Brandsynario

Yugoslavia has one of the unique Mother’s Day celebrations in the world. The celebration which happens in December, have children sneak into the bedrooms of their mothers very early in the morning to tie them up. To be released, the mother has to present her children with gifts when she wakes up. As insensitive as this may sound, it is a harmless and fun tradition that both parties look forward to.


A Japanese Mother’s Day Drawing Photo credit_Rediscover JAPAN

Japanese call Mother’s Day “haha no hi” and it’s a holiday they treat with uttermost care. On this day, the children sketch different colourful illustrations and call them “my mother”. The various drawings are collated and entered into an exhibition and later sent to countries around the world.  Also, children make meals from recipes that they learnt from their mothers and give their mothers presents.


Mothers Honoured In Taiwan Photo credit_ Life In Taiwan

In Taiwan, Mother’s Day is very important because it coincides with Buddha’s birthday celebration which is the second Sunday of May. As such, it is a huge celebration with a lot of spiritual significance. Activities that take place on this day include the washing of the Buddha, carnivals and many lavish parties. They also host award ceremonies to honour model mothers. It is either hosted by schools, local governments and other associations.


Plastic Flowers In Sweden Photo credit_Swedish Freak

It took some time for the Mother’s Day celebrations to catch on in Sweden because the country already had a Father’s Day. They believed it was created for commercial purposes. Eventually, they picked the last Sunday of May as a day to celebrate mothers. On this day, children sell small plastic flowers as gifts and use the money to send mothers with young children on trips.

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