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Upgrade Your Water With These Healthy Supplements


Universally, water is the most beneficial beverage one can ever drink and almost always, health professionals’ advice that staying hydrated is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As much as this is true, it is also okay to upgrade that glass of water with healthy supplements. Here are a few you can try out which helps aid not just your digestive system but also helps you stay healthy.


Lemon is loaded with Vitamin C and if you’re not getting your daily intake of fruits then this should be a convenient way to do so. Add four to five thin slices of lemon into your glass of water and it should be able to keep your immune system functioning at its best in order to keep away unwanted viruses.

Water and Lemon by The Jakarta Post

Fresh Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are often being used as an ingredient to enhance the taste of water and there are many beneficial reasons for doing so.

One of the best reasons for using mint is its ability to help in soothing stomach problems such as digestion or constipation. The herb is also known to help activate our saliva glands that produce enzymes to aid in digestion and that’s also one of the main reasons why most chefs love using it to balance out the other elements of their dishes.

Lemon and mint in water. |Photo Pixabay


Cucumbers are a great source for Vitamin B and Vitamin B helps us in terms of easing our stress and anxieties which are also one of the main contributors to a bad digestive system. Adding cucumbers to water might not have a huge effect compared to eating it in general, but no matter in what form, it is always a great way to get fiber into your body that aids in chronic constipation.

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