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Virtual Living: Tips For Dressing For Your Next Video Meeting And Dates

Keep it stylish for your next video conference. | Photo Reader’s Digest

Amid this pandemic, the usage of video conferencing has skyrocketed. From meetings to catching up with friends and romantic dinner, video calls and conferencing has become the new way of living.

While we’re still going through this pandemic, now will be the time to wear that outfit you’ve never had the guts to wear out, or experimenting with accessorizing. Making the most of our closet should become as exciting as it is revealing.


What tends to happen is that most of us stop trying and fall into a pit of getting into a certain mindset—one that makes us think that it doesn’t matter. And this could be wrong for several reasons. As much as possible, we should aim to remain professional with our colleagues, and look like we’re trying with our friends.

The great thing about video conferencing is that from the waist down, you don’t necessarily have to try. Our primary focus has shifted to the best outfit to wear from the waist up—be it a colourful blouse, that incredible blazer, or that shirt we avoid wearing because it shows dirt easily.

For those who want to focus on what they’re wearing from, here are some tips for your next video meeting.

A ruffled outfit tends to stand between simplistic chic and edginess. Ruffles have the effect of transforming even the blandest of outfits. Whether it’s a simple twirl or a bouncy flounce, having ruffles could bring a much-needed elevation to your next virtual meeting (or date).

Photo Halfhalfclothing

Having clothes that fit properly could mean the difference between looking neat and shabby. Because virtual socialism requires a lot of sitting, your outfits must fit your body properly and in the right places. Folds, wrinkles, unflattering protruding could all be the effect of a bad fit.

Try not to make any rash decisions with your virtual clothes. Some of us do take a 360 in changing our style to what we think we should be wearing on a video call. Sticking to your normal style, and trying not to deviate so much from it is best. Your usual clothes that translate from day to evening, in most cases, is fine.

Keep your normal routine as much as possible. Slagging off is easy to do as one is at home but don’t be too lazy to make an effort. Dress like you actually want to be there. Make an effort to iron your clothes, plan your accessories, and focus on your grooming. Just because our way of living is no longer face to face doesn’t mean people do not pay attention. Your style still says a lot about your identity and letting people know, before you speak, who you are.

If you’re too unmotivated to dress the way you normally would then the primary focus should be on clean, chic, minimal, polished comfort. Solid sweaters and shirts are fine without trying too hard. You could accessorise with a lapel pin or scarf. The way to look good in such simple clothing is to make sure it’s clean and well ironed. Don’t wear your stay-at-home shirts for your video calls, they’re usually worn out.

A woman sitting in front of her laptop | Refinery

Focus on colours that exude your personality. But since it’s a video call, bright colours and sparkly jewellery tends to jump out from the screen. This means that it might be best to keep away from overly bright colours, busy prints, and multi-stripes. You also don’t want a piece of jewellery that might be too large for the screen and/or too sparkly due to the screen flair. The main goal at a video call is not necessary to stand out as the other person/people are directly focused on you. A winter colour of dark blue, black, grey and so on is professional for an interview and safe from a technical point.

Also keep in mind that bright shades of red, yellow, orange and pink tend not to translate well on video. While you’re at it, choose something that complements your skin colour as the focus will make this clear. Feel free to wear a white or coloured outfit but be careful of the problems listed about. Confidence is key. When all else fails, choose things that make you feel confident.

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