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Watch:10 Songs For Your Valentine Playlist

It’s another season to celebrate love and it is either the most romantic day of the year or not depending on your emotional status.

Valentine day is all about showing that special someone just how much they mean to you, whether it’s your crush, your significant others, your family, or friend, everyone desires to feel loved and cherished.

You just might be trying to find the perfect songs for that big surprise that you are planning or trying to unravel that secret emotions through special songs for that special human.

Here are some romantic songs that would make them get in their feelings:

“Best Part Of Me’’ By Ed Sheeran

“…baby the best part of me is you…”
In Ed Sheeran’s “best part of me”, the forever lover boy expresses to his lover that everything makes sense because he’s in love, the wordings of the song is one any lover would want to hear, Valentine’s day is just the perfect time to express this.

“Love Me Now” By John Legend

“…I don’t wanna think about it, I want you to love me now…”
John legend in this song was all about living in the moment, you never can tell what tomorrow brings, this song is all about telling your partner you don’t care what tomorrow brings, just romantically live in the present.

“Made For You” By Banky W

“…Never thought I’d feel the way you make me feel…”
The Nigerian forever lover boy Banky W, as we all know has a way of making love seem so seamless, this song is a way of telling that special someone that you are made for each other and you would do anything to keep them beside you.


“Halleluya’’ by Johnny Drille

“…having you in my life is all I’m hoping for…”
Johnny Drille is one awesome artist you will always want to listen to over and over, he was able to tell us how he has been in love with a particular girl for a while but he is excited cause she feels just the same. So this season of love, why not try out your luck with your everyday crush, they just might feel the same way.

“Perfect” By Ed Sheeran

“…I see my future in your eyes…”
This song can never go wrong, it represents all that being in love means and that is what Valentine’s Day is all about. It shows the magic of love and what it takes to want to grow with that special person.

“1+ 1″ By Beyonce

“…I don’t know much about fighting but I know I will fight for you…”
If anyone can make being in love fantastic, it’s the queen B, she gave love a new meaning with her flawless voice in her song 1+1. You would just want to tell that significant other that you’re ready to fight for your love, you’re not ready to let go.

“Baby” by Joe Boy

“…baby shey you dey for me as, as I dey for you…”
Joe boy sure knows how to use words to steal the hearts of lovers, his song my baby is one that shows dedication and willingness to give all to that special someone. Valentine’s day is a season to give, remember, “… wetin be that, nothing I can’t do for ma baby…”

“There Is Nothing Holding Me Back” By Shawn Mendes

“…I know we’d be alright, I know we would be alright…”
Shawn made this song about the craziness love brings. Sometimes, you have no choice but to let loose with the person you love. The point of this song is that you just want to be with this person and you’d do whatever it takes to make that happen.

“I Will Always Love You” By Whitney Huston

The greatest Whitney Houston gave us a hit in “I will always love you.” The song was sung from the depth of her heart, the voice modulations, heightened actions, vows and promises all merged together to show how love should be. This song is definitely a canon, different generations have listened and have felt love through her.

“Iyawo mi” by Timi Dakolo:

“…through thick and thin I know we’ll make it through…”
Talk about love through thick and thin, then you are talking about the love Timi sang about in “Iyawo mi.” Love is not a feeling that fades away when things get bad, as a couple, you weather the weather together.

As valentine day approaches, get the song ready and express to your lover how you have planned a forever kind of love to them.

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