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Ways To Tell That Your Body Needs A Detox

Going through everyday life, people have gotten used to occasional feelings of unrest and uneasinesses. This should not be the case. A lot of times, these feelings are the body’s way of telling you that you need to get rid of toxins that might be clogging up your system– particularly the liver and the gut which are the primary organs responsible for detoxification. Here are some of those symptoms.

  • Insomnia

The lack of sleep or inability to stay asleep might be a result of toxins in the body. A number of the foods we consume contain sleep inhibitors– coffee, alcohol and other beverages– whose effects are meant to last for a period of time before the body flushes them away. When the body lacks the ability to do this, these substances end up clogging the body.

  • Skin Anomalies

When the body’s ability to process certain foods starts to waver, it could lead to skin reactions as the body will find other ways to expel toxins from these foods. Black spots, acne and generally some of the ways they can manifest.

  • Lack Of Concentration

The body usually comes up with the weirdest ways of telling you something is wrong and poor concentration could be one of them. This could be a result of sensitive foods that the body is having a hard time processing or a high consumption of caffeine, alcohol and other related products.

  • Extreme Cravings

Having cravings every now and then is fine, but it gets to point where you find it hard to abstain from certain foods, it’s a problem. These physical cravings come as a result of artificial dopamine stimulation which could lead to addiction. They are a sign that your body will rather ‘feel good’ than be healthy and this might be due to excess toxins.

  • PMS On The Fritz

Sugar and processed foods usually increase PMS symptoms and if the body doesn’t have a way to properly handle them by detoxification, your hormones might get out of control.

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