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5 Secrets To Washboard Abs

Your favorite fitness coach or motivator raises up their shirt to wipe sweat off their face and exposes washboard abs so perfect you wish you could buy them; can 6-pack transplants be invented please? Shirts are so old school and this global warming, please we can do without shirts or with crop tops once in a while.

So how can you achieve your dream mid-region? Here are some tips from my experience to achieve washboard abs.

Make sure you train hard as nothing good comes easy! This does not mean focusing on doing 100 crunches and over-exerting your body, potentially causing injury. Training hard means you focus on your form and do exercises that are safe but challenging. Full body workouts such as squats, jumping jacks, burpees, push-ups, planks etc are good to add to your workout routine, as they are not just good forms of cardio but also activate your core as you are forced to maintain stability.

It’s simple, make sure that CALORIES OUT > CALORIES IN. Eat nutritious meals, drink water (about 4-5 liters in Nigeria’s hot climate) and avoid eating late (last meal should be about 3 hours before bed). Something else you do not hear very often is EAT MORE! To speed up your metabolism, eat more regular, small meals. Do not starve yourself or practice unhealthy dieting.

Maintain good posture and keep your core tight. You may have heard that ‘Suck belle, make the shirt fine’ saying. Well it holds true actually, suck your belly in while training and throughout the day as you carry out you regular activities.

Be patient and set reasonable goals and make working out a lifestyle. Many of the people we see with enviable bodies have been at it for years so do not be discouraged if you do not see the results you’d like in the first month.

Lastly, and very importantly is INTERVAL TRAINING! This is a very effective form of training that pushed your body through various exercises of varying intensity, speed and duration followed by a short rest period. Because the exercises are performed for a short time at high intensity, proper form is maintained and thus the exercises are effective. You will keep burning fat hours after your workout!

So if you are able to work on improving or incorporating these 5 tips into your daily life, you should feel a change in your life and in your stomach region. Best of luck and we’d love to hear from you; what do you do to work on getting those abs of steel?

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