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5 Tips For Staying Sculpt 

If you’ve been active online for the past 2 years you would definitely have noticed the fitness rave. It’s amazing how everyone, male and female inclusive, is interested in working hard to get the perfect body and are even more interested in showing off their hard work. While a lot of people are already on this journey, there are a lot more who are just looking to start and this article isn’t necessarily telling you the dos and don’ts of working out, it’s more focused on how to keep you motivated on your fit-fam journey.

Many times starting isn’t the problem, the issue is in keeping up and everyone knows that in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consistency is everything. So the big question is; How do you stay motivated?


Find a cause

People decide to join the fitness train for a bunch of reasons. It is important to identify the reason you started as it is what will keep you going on your down days. Your reason can be anything from wanting to be healthy to wanting to make an ex jealous, whatever it is, be true to yourself and make sure it’s strong enough to keep you going.


Talk about it…to the right people

Like a lot of things in life, you need external forces to keep you motivated and you get a lot of that from people around you and your environment. If you know people who are interested in health and fitness it will help to speak to them about it, it’s called fit-fam for a reason…. we are family. People will be there to help, encourage and even put you through routines that will help achieve your goals. Plus, the moment you start telling people about it you need to actually do the work.


Join a gym

This might sound expensive but it’s totally worth it. Joining a gym is necessary for 2 reasons; you meet gym rats and make friends with people who will encourage you to come to the gym, work out and you also get into healthy competitions which push you to go beyond your current believed limits. In this sense you start to see the gym more as a place to hang out and get toned at the same time. It’s also important to join the gym because now you’re putting your money where your mouth is, the gym is an investment and so is your body!


Set goals

This sounds a bit cliché because setting goals is one of the most mentioned things in life but it’s actually really important. It’s important to set body goals so you know what you’re working towards.


Show off your hard work

This sounds vain but really, what’s the essence of working out if you can’t take a moment or 10 to show it off. Also, there are only very few things better than the satisfaction you derive when someone notices the results of your hard work outs and compliments you on them. Depending on who you are; that’s another 2 weeks of easy motivation for me.

So what are you waiting for; let’s sweat it out and get toned all the way up!


Deola Aromiwura is fun, driven and versatile. When she’s not creating strategies, she’s either seeing a movie, hanging out with friends or at the gym


Facebook: Deola Aromiwura

Twitter: @PwitieMissDee

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