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Is Drinking Cold Water Bad For You

Do you like to drink cold water to quench your thirst? There are many people just like you who prefer to drink cold water since they find it tastier and better than hot tea or water, room temperature or tap water, and vegetables and fruit juices. But in reality, cold water is not better than all of these drinks. In fact, it is actually bad for our health.

Cold Water and Digestion

Drinking cold water disturbs our healthy digestion. In fact, it can slow down and halt the normal digestive process. Drinking cold water or eating and drinking foods that are lower than room temperature has been linked to stomach cramps, discomfort, and bloating. In addition, Bob Dorris, doctor of medicine in Florida, has stated that drinking cold water can alter our normal digestive process. He has also mentioned that drinking cold water can cause poor digestion of foods and drinks. If we have poor digestion, our body will develop sludge or stagnant foods that can cause fatigue, allergies, headaches, sinusitis and weak immune system.

Drinking cold water when you are eating food can be very harmful for your body. Here is an analogy: Imagine you are deep frying foods in a hot wok. All of a sudden, someone throws cold water into the hot wok. What will happen to the wok? This is very dangerous as all the oil and water may splutter out of the wok. Damage to the vitreous enamel may occur as well.

Imagine the wok is your stomach when you eat a hot meal, chances are your stomach will be very warm. If you suddenly drink cold or icy water, it will be like adding cold water into a hot wok. Of course, it is not as bad as the hot wok, but in the long run, it can still harm your stomach.

Cold Water and Headaches

Cold stimulus headache is a generalized type of headache that follows exposure to a cold stimulus such as drinking cold water. According to Peter Mattsson, a researcher from neuroscience department at Sweden University Hospital, drinking cold water can cause headaches and migraines. His 2001 study showed that a significant amount of women have experienced a headache after drinking  ice-cold water.

In addition, Dr Ivan Garza, doctor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, has supported the research that was conducted at the Sweden University Hospital. He also noted that after drinking cold water, the pain usually begins within a few seconds and peaks between 20 to 60 seconds. The pain usually lasts for a few minutes, but for some, it can last for up to five minutes. The headache is commonly felt at the mid-frontal, followed by the occipital and bi-temporal lobes. Furthermore, whenever cold water drinking causes a headache in patients suffering from migraines, the pain can be more of a throbbing.

Why Should You Drink Warm Water First Thing in the Morning?

Based on many different alternative forms of healing, like traditional Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is recommended to drink warm water in the morning.

In regards to Traditional Chinese Medicine, they believe that when we first wake up in the morning, our body is in a warm state. Each morning, we are starting to light the candle in our body. If we drink cold water, it will put out the fire, and in the long run, our internal systems will become weaker.

Drinking warm water first thing in the morning is a classic Ayurvedic recommendation for balancing Vata and Kapha dosha, strengthening digestive power, and reducing any metabolic waste (Ama) that may have accumulated overnight.

Cold Water and Cancer

Does drinking cold water cause cancer? There are some people who actually believe that cold water drinking can actually cause cancer. They base their beliefs on one common misconception that is circulated around in emails, blogs and other websites. The people who support the idea that the cold water drinking can cause cancer have stated that drinking cold water solidifies the oily stuff that we consume. Once the solidified oil reacts to our stomach acid, it breaks down and is absorbed faster into the intestine compared with other solid foods. Consequently, this is turned into fats and eventually leads to cancer.

However, it is important to know that there is no scientific evidence supporting this idea. Does drinking cold water really cause cancer? The answer is a big no. In fact, the American Cancer Society has noted several factors that can cause cancer such as diet, physical activity, sun exposure, pollution, genetics, and lifestyle, but drinking cold water is definitely not one of them.


Drinking cold water is harmful to our health. It is proven to cause various health problems such as headache and improper digestion. So what can we drink? Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are very much recommended by many healthcare professionals. Not only do they contain as naturally high water content, they can also promote overall health. According to Louise Chang, a medical doctor, regular drinking of vegetable and fruit juice will also strengthen the body, prevent degeneration of the skin, glands, and organs, and promote good digestion. Warm or room temperature water is also perfectly acceptable.

Source: AlkalineDiet


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