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Ladies, Do You Lift?

 Let’s talk about  chest workouts

Most women that go for personal training want the following results; flatter and firmer stomach, bigger, rounder glutes and thinner thighs and arms. Does this sound like you? Either way, keep reading.

Once in a while, a lady would throw in a request for rounder shoulders but you know the body part that gets snubbed by women more than any other, the chest! You’ll hardly ever hear a female client ask for workouts to firm up her chest. “Chest training is for men”, “I do not want to look like a man”, and many more excuses to leave out training the pecs (pectoral muscle). This is a new age, we are ready to think more and be open to new ideas like having a fully developed body that will stand tall and make you proud of adding chest training to your overall program.

Now before we get into the various recommended chest routines, let’s dispel the myth that often surrounds chest training by women.

No, your breast will not necessarily reduce in size or get firm!!

A reduction in bra size during fitness training is due to fat loss and not due to proper chest development. As a matter of fact, chest exercises help to form a strong base for the breast tissues and thus give the appearance of perkier breasts. Ditch the severe diets and keep your body fat percentage between 10 – 15% to maintain optimal health.

Mix up your chest training routine. Just doing push-ups won’t cut it. Add some variety with bench press, dumbbell flyes, dips to increase the intensity of your training routine as well as your strength gains.


  1. Lift as heavy as you can, safely. Always endeavor to have a spotter (someone to assist you) to avoid accidents and ensure you complete your reps.
  2. Keep your reps between eight and 12, sets between three and four and keep your rests at one minute or less between sets.
  3. Train chest muscles once or twice every week leaving at least one day in between sessions.
  4. Complete the more difficult exercises during the beginning of your training session.5. Squeeeeze! Always remember to fully activate your pecs whenever you contract or extend by squeezing the muscles.

Sample workout to train your pectoral muscles

(3 sets, 8 – 12 reps, 50 second rest)

  • Barbell bench press
  • Inclined dumbbell press
  • Cable or dumbbell flyes
  • Decline push upsConvinced to try working on your chest muscles a little more? Tomorrow (Monday) is International Chest Day so go ahead and put some respect on your chest! Good luck and continue striving to be…stronger than yesterday!


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