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Makeup Hacks 101 A Flawless Base, Sweat-Proof Beauty

After applying flawless makeup in the morning, we want to stay beautifully made up all day but if , like myself, your skin tends to be oily then by midday your skin will have made plans of its own. In this article I have put together a technique that has been tried, tested and loved for an effortless, long-lasting, oil-free look using just a few easy and simple tricks.

Pick a Matte Foundation  

You need to take care while buying a foundation suitable for oily skin. Most foundations fade or melt away easily and need constant touch up.The best foundation for oily skin is  powder-based as this keeps away shine and does not feel heavy on the skin. And for those who like a liquid foundation, we recommend water-based as this works really well for oily skin. Also consider long-wear and water-resistant options.



Blot Your Heart Out

If you’re not a fan of applying any extra makeup to avoid a cakey look or are just on the go, then your solution is to use blotting sheets.The right technique of using blotting sheets without taking off all of your makeup is to press the sheet where the skin is oily and then roll it off your skin, instead of wiping oil from your skin.



The Mattifying Technique

Apply a light mist of your favourite setting spray. If your skin is not sensitive, sparingly apply a layer of Milk of Magnesia.  

It is usually used as an antacid or laxative but has become trendy setting lotion.hacks

It works best for short term and not daily use. Please do inform yourself of the potential side effects before using this product. Wait a few minutes for this to dry then follow in with a mattifying primer base. When this has set, dust on a light layer of translucent powder on your T-Zone before you apply your foundation to set your primer.  You only need the tiniest amount to achieve this. It is the game changer as it creates another layer onto the setting spray and absorbs any excess oils while adding an extra layer of flawlessness. Your finished look will withstand the test of any weather conditions.


Face Powder

Everyone with oily skin knows it’s key to keep powder with you at all times! It works to get rid of shine and sets the foundation to last longer. But don’t overdo it. Alternatively, you can just apply powder on areas that are shiny.d15c04f19d13c8baf54dfa417744c884


Tips For Selecting Best Powder

Use a matte translucent formula as it can get rid of shine on any skin tone. Although both loose and pressed powder work fine on oily skin, one should always go for using loose powder as it is works better against oil. On the other hand, pressed powder is very convenient.  Alternatively, consider using mineral makeup as it is made of inorganic minerals and is oil-free.


Prime Your Skin

It is important if you have oily skin to apply makeup primer onto freshly cleaned and moisturised skin before you apply foundation, powder, or other makeup. Using a makeup primer helps with better application of makeup by working as a base, but also works as a protective layer between makeup and your skin, deterring the makeup from clogging the pores. It also ensures that your makeup stays put and lasts longer through the day.primer


In summary:

Use a foundation primer made specifically for oily or acne-prone skin

Prime the oiliest areas, such as T-Zone (forehead, nose

and chin).

Look out for a face primer, which is oil-free, anti-shine

and contains

salicylic acid to help control acne. Avoid any silicon

based primer as oily

skin tends to be very sensitive to silicon based products.

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