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Africa’s Best Kept Beauty Secrets

One fact about travelling within Africa is the possibility of finding something new and exciting in each distinct country. Not your typical holiday, Africa is an outburst of cultural stimulation. As you escape from your normal everyday activities, step into the natural side of beauty.

It is no secret that African women are known for their all-natural glowing skins. Right from time, most of the beauty products used in Africa are raw and unrefined, this is what makes it interesting. You can be in tune with the fresh atmosphere and discover the culture within the hidden organic luxuries of Africa.



African secrets

Born out of the tropical rainforest in Nigeria, Dudu Osun is perhaps the purest soap given by Mother Nature. The name “Dudu-Osun” means black soap in Yoruba, a traditional Nigerian language. The Yoruba people have been using this soap for many years.

Known for its “healing” powers, it is said to removing scaring, acne and all kinds of blemishes for all skin types. The soap consists of the finest West African oils, primarily shea butter, palm cannel oil as well as honey, cocoa pod ash, aloe Vera and Osun (camwood). Some of the main ingredients are beauty products individually.

Not only is this product super affordable, It is also completely natural and biodegradable with no chemicals or preservatives; perhaps this is the reason why many women have been raving on about the wonders of this earth scenting soap. Stacy Edwards, a skin care examiner explains that her skin has improved dramatically since using this product for a couple of days. It lathers up so well, to the point that your skin feels completely clean. The product is said to be excellent when paired up with West African raw Shea butter.


Marula Oil

African secrets

Marula oil, containing a large portion of mono saturated fatty acids and antioxidants is extracted from kennels of the marula tree. This oil is usually found in southern parts of Africa, specifically used the Tsonga people of South Africa, the Ovambo people of Namibia and Mozambique as body lotion. Rich in vitamin c, the oil is regarded as sacred in many villages and is said to be the next big thing in skin care.

What makes marula oil special?

Unlike other oils, marula contains oleic acids which is easily and quickly absorbed, deeply penetrating the skin, creating long lasting hydration.

According to the Metro online publication, Space NK founder Nicky Kinnaird, believes its natural origins also make it the ideal ingredient for those with sensitive skin. ‘Marula is pH balanced, non-comedogenic [doesn’t clog pores] and has anti-microbial properties that can help to heal acne blemishes, and it’s suitable for all skin types,’ says Kinnaird.

‘It deeply hydrates skin and helps restore elasticity, improves skin tone and soothes irritation, making it ideal for sunburned skin. It also reduces redness and irritation post-facials, peels and laser treatments.

‘It contains antioxidants, high concentrations of nutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids, which protect against environmental aggressors, reverse photo-damage, boost cellular activity, hydrate at the deepest levels and repair skin.”


Rhassoul Clay

African Secrets

A very strange but fabulous product to use on hair and skin, Rhassoul clay also known as Ghassoul clay originates from the Atlas Mountains in northeastern Morocco. It is said that only clay produce from the mountain can bear the name Rhassoul. The word Rhassoul originates from the Arabic word for washing “Rhassala”

This clay is extremely rich in minerals, perfect for detox and often used in its pure state to remove impurities for hair and skin. Although clay is known to strip oil off skin this particular clay leaves a buttery smooth skin and a voluminous bouncy hair.

According to Natural Actives, a website that specializes in natural products, Rhassoul Clay acts by “replacing compounds such as toxic metals and oily compounds through a process of ion exchange. At the same time the clay gently buffs and polishes the skin producing an immediate and noticeable improvement in smoothness and tone which has been verified in test conditions.”

Completely natural, It works as all kinds of products including shampoo, body wraps and exfoliates perfect for all skin types. There’s no harm in getting so a bit muddy with good results.



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