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Stop The “God When” And Put In Work!

Nigerians are quick to jump on trends, even when it doesn’t quite add up and the fastest way to do so is via Twitter. The Nigerian part of this social media platform is always dishing out one new standard or the other, especially “relationship Twitter”. Not only will you learn new slangs, but you will also be propelled to using them even when it is absolutely not necessary; just for the fun of it.


Catchphrases like “God When” has gradually become popular which basically questions God on when he will do for you what he has done for others, just because whatever tweet (or photo) you have seen is what your heart yearns for. If you don’t snap out of that euphoria, you just might end up being in one spot exclaiming “God when” till you are old and grey.

In order to avoid spending your years on earth admiring others, ask yourself if you are the person another human deserves, then put in the work. One way to do so is by leaving your comfort zone.

The majority of humans will prefer having everything they desire, served on a platter. But, that’s not how life works. Come out of your comfort zone and make things happen for you, way before anyone steps in to intervene. If you like to be loved a certain way, then teach your partner how to, don’t wait for cupid to fly down, firing arrows. Sorry to burst your bubble but that will never happen.

And if you are partner-less, put yourself out there. In other words, start by being deliberately social. Mingling with the right crowd will surely have you fishing out your “Man or Woman crush” from the sea of humans. So before you cry out “God When” check yourself and make an effort.

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